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luminous 6 Amp Charge Controller Detailed Review

Model name: SCC1206NM

luminous 6 Amp Charge Controller Detailed Review

Model name: SCC1206NM

Brand name: Luminous

Product: Microcontroller based solar charge controller.

Type: PWM

USP: In built USB port for mobile phone charging.

Warranty: 12 Months


MRP: Rs 795


I bought this luminous 6 Amp charge controller solar charge controller from loomsolar.com along with a 10W solar panel.

Total price of solar panel and charge controller is 1250.

Standalone price of charge controller is around 600 rupees & its MRP is 795.

This is a PWM based Charge controller.

This one works only with 12v batteries and solar panels.

This same Company also have Solar controllers with 10 & 20 Amp rating(With same design and USB port). Those models support both 12v & 24v systems.

In the product description, it says it supports VRLA and SLA batteries. But no mention about Li ion battery packs. I assume it support those too but not sure.

Amp rating of this controller is 6 Amp. That means it can handle input current upto 6 Amp solar panel. So it can be used along with solar panel upto 125w solar panel.

One of the best thing about this controller is that it have a usb port using which we can charge our phone. For me this option is a blessing and curse at the same time. It has a usb port so can be used for charging phone Great! but that means it cannot be installed in a work area or a shed if i want to charge phone using it.

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Build quality & Design

It is so lightweight, around 250 gram only. Cover is Made with low quality plastic, and it’s back area with circuit board is locked on to the front area. No screws only plastic locks. One of the lock brock when i opened it for adding Dusk to dawn circuit breaker.

It is 75% bigger than what it need to be. Because 75% of area inside this product is empty. May be it is meant for heat dissipation or something, but still, it is made in a weird way. It is large in size but weight is also very less. So it feels strange in hands.

Enclosure make material is ABS Plastic. IP rating is IP21 only, that means it cannot be used out door without a proper protection from weather.

USB Port for charging

USB port for charging is one of the USP of this product. Wattage output is around 8w . Maximum power it can output via USB port is around 1000 mAmp at 5 volt(Not sure about power rating). That means it is not a power charger.

Phones with big batteries will struggle to get charged from 0% charge. But it can charge phones to 100%, if we give it some time. And obviously phones with small batteries like feature phones will get charged fast.

Light indicators and what they mean

There is 3 led indicators. One is solar indicator, other one is battery charge indicator and fault indicator.

Voltage, Current and other technical specifications

System rating 6A 12V

Maximum solar panel voltage 25V

Low voltage disconnect 11.6V ± .1V

Battery type - 12V Lead acid

Boost voltage 14.3V ± .15V

Float voltage 13.8 ±.15V

Suitable solar panels and batteries

Amp rating of this charge controller is 6 Amp. So it can handle a current upto 6 Amp. Therefore it supports panels upto 120W 12V panels because typically panels around 120W can produce around 6 Amp current .

12v Lead acid batteries from 5 Amp to 150 Amp can be used along with this product.

Other Features - Dc load options & Dusk to dawn

  1. DC Output for 1 DC fan and 2 lights - so we can use 1 dc fna and 2 lights.
  2. 1 out for battery charging - can charge a vrla or smf- lead acid batteries.
  3. Dusk to dawn feature is available - there is a pin attached to back side of the product. To use it, open the back cover and add it to the circuit.

Final Review - how good is it function wise.

Good for an offgrid solar setup with maximum capacity of** 120w solar panels** and battery 150Ah maximum. Major limitation is no support for 24v system. Design and quality is not that great but will get job done for a small solar setup.

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Written on August 17, 2020
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