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Best footballs in India below 2000 rupees

With a budget of 2000 rupees you can get almost any football you want in Indian market. But which is the best. Here is our answer;The 5 best footballs below 2000 rupees in India.

Best footballs in India below 2000 rupees
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As a sports product reviewer, I keep track of all the footballs available in the Indian market from all brands.

If you want to buy the best football below 2000 rupees, I can suggest the most suitable one for your need.

In this list, you can find footballs from not only brands like Cosco, Nivia, Kipsta, Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc., but few hidden gems from lesser-known brands.

But if you are interested in going through a list of all footballs from all brands available in India, I made those lists also. The below lists will help you understand all the different categories from each brand.

All footballs from NIVIA
All footballs from Cosco

And we already made a list of the best footballs in the price ranges of 500, 1000, etc. You can see those below.

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But in this list, we will look at all the footballs in the price range of “1000 rupees to 2000 rupees”.

What to expect at the price Rs. 2000.

So what type and quality footballs can we expect here. In this price range, you can buy almost any footballs in the market. Only some of the most premium match footballs are out of this budget.

Ground-type: A football at this price range is overkill for playing on hard rough ground. Unless it is for doing freestyle. Therefore, in this list, all the chosen footballs are for professional/training level play in maybe grass ground.

Football quality - For 2000 rupees, you can buy match-level football made with the best quality materials. These footballs have the best properties like bounce, control, touch, Sphericity, etc.

Make materials - in this price range usually are PU, leather pasted, latex bladder with butyl valve. You can expect a minimum of 2 plies and backing of either cotton or nylon material.

Make technology you can expect best making tech. For example, hand-sewn by expert sewers or heat molded with leather pasting.

Best footballs in India under 2000 rupees

Now coming to the list itself, the following is my pick of the best footballs in India under 2000 rupees from top brands.

Best Cosco football under 2000

Cosco platina - the best football from Cosco.

Cosco Platina Cosco platina Fifa certified football from COSCO Cosco Fifa is one of the best football you can buy below 5000 rupees in India

Cosco Platina is one of the two FIFA-approved footballs from Cosco. Platina has FIFA Quality Pro certification. (Another one is FIFA brazil with international match standard certification).

Cosco Platina is the best football offered by Cosco & it is made with top-quality PU materials. It has a classical hexagonal 20-panel design.

This football is the official football of many matches in India. It is the best you can get from COSCO.

Best Nivia football under 2000

Nivia Ashtang - the best from Nivia.

Nivia Ashtang Nivia Ashtang 2020 football from NIVIA Nivia Ashtang 2020 is upgraded version of the same 2019 model and is used in Official ISL game in India

This is the star football from Nivia. Have FIFA certification and is used as official football of many matches in India. For example, ISL uses this football as official match football.

Have a better design than the Cosco Platina. It has an 8 Panel design.

The material used in making is PU-Micro Leather Stitched.

Comes with FIFA PRO with ISL Logo. Bounce, control, and air retention qualities are top-notch.

Best Adidas football under 2000


Adidas Uniforia football Adidas uniforia football This is a football you can use for training available around price range of 1700

Adidas has limited operations in India.But many people prefer a football from Adidas because of the brand name. This is a good football, especially for freestyle football. The smooth outer material with a colorful design makes it a very good option for freestyle.

This can be also used as a match-level football. In fact, it is a FIFA Quality Pro certified football. Construction - thermally bonded. If you are going to buy this football, make sure you are getting the original.

Best Nike football under 2000

NIKE Nk Airlock Street XSoccer Ball Football

Nike NK arilock street Nike NK arilock street Xsoccer football Famous sports brand nike

Similar to adidas footballs, nike has limited presence in Indian sports market. But nike nk airlock street is a good football you can buy from nike India. This is available below the price range. Often available at around 1500.

Best Kipsta football under 2000

Kipsta Fifa pro f900

Kipsta fifa pro f900 Kipsta fifa pro f900 football from decathlon Same decathlon kipsta footballs are sold around the world, so you can expect standard quality regardless of where you are bying from

If you are ready to spend exactly 2000 rupees, definitely go for Football Ball FIFA Pro Size 5 F900 from Kipsta. But if your price is around 1000 Rupees, you can have the Amazing Kipsta F550 football.

Both are good, F900 is better in terms of design(panel structure of six pieces), material, and as a cherry on top, is approved by FIFA.


the best ones - Kipsta FIFA PRO F900, Nivia Ashtang.

The better one - Cosco, platina.

Good with the brand name - Adidas, Nike.

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Written on March 30, 2021
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