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Nunchucku buyers guide-India

7 best nunchucks reviewed. Best nunchaku for martial art beginners. Foam chucks - tight wrapped wooden nunchaku with foam material. Is safe and durable

Nunchucku buyers guide-India

Nunchuck, also known as Nunchaku, Numchucks or karate sticks, is famous & dangerous weapon used in Okinawan kobudo and Karate. Modern nunchucks are made with metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass etc.

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Best nunchucks available for shopping online in India

If you are planning and researching for buying a good nunchuku, you may have found that there are several different options available. Some of the most common types are wood nunchuks, foam nun chuks, toy nun chuks and light-up nun chuks.

You could see that nun chaks are available in few different sizes concerning both the wood & chain parts. Different sizes from 8 to 14 inch for stick & 1 to 9 inch for chain.

Wooden/metal nunchuks are used by skilled martial artists of karate, etc. And it would be dangerous for kids and beginners.

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Another option is foam nunchucku which is basically a wooden/metal one which is covered by layer of foam padding.

It prevents from getting injured while practising. Good thing about foam nunchuck is that, you can get one with weight of a wooden nunchaku, but is safe and durable. Beginners are recommended to use this until you are good with your moves.

Toy nanchuks are less durable and have less weight. Kids below age of 10 will like toy nunchaks. It is less heavy, not dangerous and is available low cost but will not last longer.

Kids may also like light up (nunchaks with lights) but not many good products are available in India. And lights attached will not last long.

Following is the list of all best chuks listed based on type of material used.

Good Metal nunchuks

1.Nan chaku steel

Price range - check price in amazon

steel nunchaku

Made with steel with an approximate weight of 380 grams. Diamensions handle size is 10 inch and chain size is 9 inch.

Pros-Available at low cost, will last long.

Cons - chances of slipping (to prevent this grooves are made on handles).

2. Nanchaku Steel Handle-vinex

best steel nanchaku

Steel one with handle grip for holding.

Pros - Cheap, good grip, will last for long time, heavy impact on hit

Cons - looks different

Good Wood nunchuks

1. High quality wooden

Best karate sticks

Size of wooden handle is 10 Inches and steel Chain is 9 Inches. Looks very nice because of finishing and quality.

2. Low cost wooden

wooden nunchaku with vinex

Handle size is 10 inch and chain size is 9 inch. Will be good for beginners for learning.

3. Cheapest deals

Price range of wooden one - flipkart

Cheap foam nunchaku available here in flipkart is a good quality foam Nunchaku at lowest price in India.

Cheapest deal

Made of Made of Wood and Metal Chain. Length is 9 inch and weight is 200 gram.

Good Foam nunchuks

1.USI Foam Chaku

USI Foam Nanchaku

Available in 2 different size 8 inch and 12 inch. Black colour.

2. VVK NCB Foam with Wodden

USI Foam Chaku

Colour black weight approximate 350 grams.

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Written on October 17, 2020
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