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How to know whether you are ready for the OET Exam or not?

Here is how you know, when you are ready.

Here is how you know you are ready.

Are you getting 30-35 scores on all mock tests?

Even if the answer is yes, you are not yet ready.

Because this is the score you get in the best, low-stress and familiar situation.

The atmosphere and distraction in the exam center will be totally different.

Stress, the unexpected accent in the listening test, totally different type of questions, weird names in the test, new topics, new situations in speaking, writing, etc will tip you off.

Questions might be totally different. Especially if you are using test materials found online.

Tests other than those given on the official OET websites are not the best way to access yourself.

In the listening and reading tests, no one knows the exact number of correct answers you need to get a score of 350.

So aim for a really high score.

For example, if you are getting a 30% more than what you really want, you know you are ready.

Record your speaking and listen to it.

The key here is this: whenever you take a mock test, try to understand why the answer is wrong.

Do as many make speaking tests with someone else.

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Written on October 15, 2022
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