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OET letter writing format, Tips, Tricks and criteria

This is how you can get full marks in the letter writing part of OET Exam. Use these to make sure you are doing it according to Criteria.

Oet letter writing tips tricks and format

First read context part, then go to last part & read the writing task.

Take 5 minutes of reading time - without using pen.

Read everything - think & mark the relevant points.

5 Minutes for - reading

25 - 30 Minutes for - writing

5-10 Minutes for - proofreading

Always use formal but polite language while writing.

Purpose of the letter - IMPORTANT

Things to remember when writing - Type of letter, recipient & purpose.

3 stages of writing.

Select- Select/note what is relevant, semi relevant & irrelevant.

Organize - Organize relevant parts/notes selected from first step. Decide what comes first. Arrange them in rough format of beginning middle & end.

Transform - rewriting in a way so that the meaning doesn’t change.

Type of letter.

Perspective - difference between discharge vs referral vs transfer.


Referral - sending to someone new(sometimes for short time), to another department or new hospital/care home. Discharge can be a referral if they are going to a care home.

Similar/same most of them.


Patient back to home, or care-home(where they already lived).


A permanent transfer of patients to other hospital or department for treatment.

Purpose of the letter.

The purpose should always be included in the first paragraph of the letter

Marking criteria(why am i writing this letter) - Who am I writing to, what they need to know. They already know the patient or not.

Selecting from the case note - relevance.

Two main ways to organize letter.

Chronological - what happened in chronological order. Start from most recent beginning date.

Order of importance - main idea why writing for. Symptoms, secondary issues, family history of disease, appointment details for future.

Last step - Transform notes to letter

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Written on April 29, 2023
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