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OET Speaking test - Criteria & key points for beginners.

OET Speaking criteria. Learn the smart way; read exact markgin criteria & speak accordingly for the best score in OET Exam.

oet speaking test criteria explained

Criteria & key points for beginners - OET Speaking.

  • Gather information.
  • Give information.
  • Show empathy & reassure.

OET Speaking tips

  • The speaking test lasts approximately 20 minutes and consists of a warm-up and profession-specific role plays.

  • An interlocutor, not an assessor or examiner, conducts the interview.

  • You have three minutes to prepare for each role play, and each role play lasts about five minutes.

  • The linguistic criteria for the speaking exam include intelligibility, fluency, appropriateness of language, and resources of grammar and expression.

  • The communication criteria assess your ability to build rapport, show empathy, consider the patient’s perspective, provide structure, and gather and give information.

  • Good questioning techniques are crucial for taking a patient’s history and gathering information effectively.

  • When discussing pain, you can ask questions about the duration, site, character, time, severity, cause, nature, and relief.

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Written on May 17, 2023
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