5 best HP Multifunction printers in India under 5000 rupees

What is multifunction printer Multi-function printers are All-IN-ONE machines for printing purposes. Multi-function printers will be best suitable for any small office and home use. Features to look in a multifunction printer Minimum features you can expect from a multifunction printer are, printing, scanning and copying, three major tasks you need to do in an […]

Choosing Best washing machine in India 2018

washing machines

Washing machines have been used for over a century. They eliminate manual labor and simplify the process of washing fabrics. washing machine buyers guide How does a washing machine work? The washing machine has two steel tubs. The inner tub holds the clothes and has an agitator in the middle of it. The sides are […]

Choosing Best Air conditioners in India 2018

Air conditioners or A/Cs today play an important role in keeping indoor spaces cool. With the advancement of technology A/Cs can now adapt to climatic conditions, control humidity and eliminate dust, soot, foreign bodies and harmful micro-organisms in the air. Buyers guide – Air conditioners When to use an A/C? A/Cs are typically required for cities […]

Best refrigerators available in India 2018


Refrigerators have kept perishables cool for over 100 years. What started off as a simple ‘ice-box.has now evolved to a smart, efficient and feature-rich product that is available in various sizes and models. Refrigerators buyers guide Keep the following questions in mind while choosing a refrigerator; answering these questions will help you pick a model […]

Best gifts for newborn baby in India

Gifts for babies

Following is “the ultimate newborn welcome checklist-List of all baby products“, everything you need to welcome & take care of baby in the best way!. Join our e-mail list to get latest offer updates from 5 different online stores in India as they become live. Baby product offers: Amazon, Flipkart Usually people go out in a rush […]

Best microwave ovens in India

Ultimate list of ovens in India

Following is the ultimate list of the best microwave ovens in Indian market in 2017 (will be updated frequently), along with detailed review of each. Following list is arranged based on price range. Oven Name Type Price Range -INR Capacity More details & price Best selling ovens in India under 5000 rupees IFB 17PM MEC 1 […]