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10 reasons to not buy honda activa.

Did Activa lost its charm! Is it still good or just riding on past glory? Here is top 10 valid reasons to not buy Honda Activa scooter.

10 reasons to not buy honda activa.
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Honda Activa for sure have one of the most refined engines. On top of that, Honda is constantly improving & refining its engine and other parts.

Because of the past performance record, Activa is being sold like pancakes & is still loved by the masses.

But nothing is perfect & some customers are facing problems with Honda Activa scooters.

In this post, we are going to discuss some issues Honda Activa scooters are having these days. Some of these issues are already been fixed.

Did Honda Activa lost its charm!

Buying a scooter is a heavy purchase decision. It is not a simple purchase decision like choosing a toothpaste or soap.

You have to use scooter for years. Most likely 20 or even more.

So spending some time to research is not bad.

Did Activa lost its charm! Is it still good or just riding on past glory? Here is top 10 valid reasons to not buy Honda Activa scooter.

Battery issues & starting troubles.

Activa battery issues & starting problems

Bad batteries within few months!!!! And hence self-starting issues. Many customers reported battery failure. Some on the same day of delivery and some within one year.

Note: this might have happened because of a bad batch of batteries from OEM or storage issues. And most likely not going to happen in future products.

Riding position bad for some people

riding position of activa

Honda Activa scooter is designed for very specific group of people. It works best for people having height from 150 to 175.

Tall people will find difficult to ride. Your knees will touch the handle bar area. If this happens that is a clear indication that this bike in not for you.

Also seating position is upright & not good for long rides.

Price is high compared to other brands.

Because of more demand than other brands, Honda Activa is being sold at a higher price.

You can save an extra 10000 to 20000 if you go for a competitor. Why waste this much money when you get very similar or sometimes better product.

If you go for a brand that is well established with service centers and spare parts, there is no reason to regret.

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Service not that good.

honda service quality

Service quality and experience totally depends on the specific areas and persons you deal with.

But because of overload, after sales service quality suffers.

Riding on the past glory - cash cow.

Activa is at this point of time a cash cow for Honda India. They are going to ride this wave of demand until it ends.

One can argue that quality of Activa scooters gone down compared to earlier models. This happened in-order to change weight and also to increase profit.

Low-quality tires.

As a cost-cutting measure, i guess, Honda is using not the best quality tires. It is kind of common practice, but many buyers reported having to change tires soon(1000 km) after purchase.

Honda usually uses either of MRF, CEAT, TVS tires. These are ordered in bulk & these tires will not last that long.

Same old look — it is time to move on.

Boring design of honda activa

Everyone and their mother-in-law is now riding this scooter. It is time to move on and get a fresh looking scooters in Indian roads.

Honda made very limited changes in the look and feel of Activa over the years. Why would they when everything is going well.

So if you have a different taste and desire to stand out on the road and catch some eyeballs, then Activa is not the best option for you.

Vibration in handle & noise from back.

Some customers reported vibration from the handle bar and noises from the engine & transmission area.

Few scooters had some issues in the front fork. These are not very common, so let’s ignore it.

But you should check for vibrations or noises before registration, of the vehicle.

Sales team not being good.

Honda Sales team is well-trained & usually very professional and deals nicely with customers to make a sale.

But when there is enough demand, sales team sometimes become less enthusiastic. Some customers feel less welcome & not that important because of that, I guess.

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Written on October 26, 2021
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