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Review of "Everybody writes" by Ann Handely

How to adopt a writer's lifestyle & voice. Review of Everybody writes by Ann Handly. Your road map for getting into a writer's habits, building 'systems' and ultimately a lifestyle.

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Review of “Everybody writes” by Ann Handly.

Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

I am writing this summary/review as I read.

The first few chapters seem generic & boring.

Mostly about building a writing Habit.

Besides the really useful ‘four-square technique’ for daily writing, I didn’t take any notes (from chapters 1 to 7).

But she(author) was just warming up.

I started taking notes(this is when you know you are onto something valuable) when I reached chapter 7(writing GPS framework).

After chapter 7, which was fascinating by the way, I realized this.

This book is filled with a lot of useful, practical tips.

But you may find it boring if you are not really into writing.

It is more like a handbook for beginner but hardcore writers. 

Your road map for getting into a writer’s habits, building ‘systems’ and ultimately a writer’s lifestyle.

So no need to take notes, because the book itself is written like a collection of distilled notes.

And this is a big book — almost 450 pages.

So there is a lot more than just building habits. After chapter 4, she shares rules for writing stories, publishing, and marketing. And finding a voice for each different type of writing.

Who I think this book is for - anyone who is fresh out of college going into workforce, all beginner writers, any aspiring writer who struggles with writers block, any writer who need to build a writing habit, anyone who wants to go back to basics and make it right.

You can buy this book from amazon


Everybody Writes - we all write Emails, social posts etc. And that is the point, everybody Writes.

Writing Is a Habit, Not an Art - so build habits, and systems and cultivate creative rhythms. 

How to Keep a Daily Writing Ritual When You Aren’t Feeling It - four-square technique.

four-square technique.

Shake Off School Rules - avoid that old essay writing formula: introduction, body, or conclusion. 

Publishing Is a Privilege - Write, rewrite, edit . . . always with your reader in mind.

Why We Need a Writing Process- the writing GPS.

the writing GPS

Embrace The Ugly First Draft.

Now, most of the remaining chapters can be summarized using the title of each chaptor itself.

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Written on November 14, 2022
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