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Rise and fall of Quora.com - is it the next Yahoo Answers?

Update: Quora managed to turn things around by diversifying to regional languages.

Rise and fall of Quora.com - is it the next Yahoo Answers?

Update: Quora managed to turn things around by diversifying to regional languages.

Quora regional sites are thriving.

They somehow managed to disperse most good users from English version to regional sites. I am a member of Quora Malayalam & its quality is very good. Community managers are keeping everyone in check.

My English Quora feed is still filled with copied memes and mostly useless content.

Audience geography of Quora indicates that more than 50% of Quora users are from America, India & UK. While user base or Quora is actively growing, and the company is valued at around 2 billion Dollars, it is time to look at some bad choices this Question answer platform made recently.

Old post starting from here.

Back in the day, Quora was a simple, easy to use, straightforward “Question answer website”.

It was Scaling fast, still not monetized(with direct ads), a nice knowledge hungry community, genuine questions & answers from enthusiasts & experts in each field.

Things are changing now, this website is monetized with PPC ads(they actually did a good job blending ads with content), quality of questions and answers are going down, and it is a mess.

Following are some reasons of this downfall.

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Rise of low quality Questions & Answers.

Quora is doing a bad job in promoting quality content. It feels like Views, clicks and time spend are now the indicators of good content. This approach is good for advertising & growth. But if quality of questions and answers goes down, it will end up just like yahoo answers.

Showing you the “ideas and concepts that you already agree with” is good for pleasing everyone for short term. But people will start to feel the lack of new ideas soon.

Loss of neat and clean design.

Quora still is having a nice design but with the addition of new features & ads, Neat and clean design is long gone.

Addition of Spaces.

For me this was it. After joining 2 spaces, one from left and one from right(because i wanted to hear from both side) i was bombarded with hate & stupidity.

Lot and a lot of spam & trolls.

From affiliate marketers to startup promoters, Quora is filled with spammers, trolls and bad marketers.

Censorship, moderation, bnbr, and Hate.

Quora aggressively does Censorship by moderation & banning in the name of bnbr/hate.

Leaning left ? Personal agenda, no democracy & no free speech.

One of the main accusation is that Quora face is that, its left leaning. And it does Censor its content.

Stupid bots will punish you.

Automated detection of spam and trolls is broken.

Bots will ask you to write an answer to a spam question.

For example, if you answer a spam question(which Quora asked you to answer), your answer will be deleted by moderation. But that spam/troll question will remain on the website.

Best Propaganda tool from left and right.

Many accuse Quora founders are left leaning, but this platform is being used for propaganda by everyone regardless of party or ideology.

Stupid people joining in herds

Quora is growing fast. More and more people are joining, and it is very difficult to maintain the quality.

If Quora fails to maintain its quality, people will no longer trust it as a reliable source of quality answers. This is exactly what happened to yahoo answers.

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Written on May 17, 2020
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