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Royal enfield battery indicator red - solution

If the red battery light indicator is not turning off after the engine is started, or the battery red light turns on after riding for while in re bike- here are some solutions for this problem.

Royal enfield battery indicator red - solution
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In this post, I will share all the details you need to solve red light indication turned on royal Enfield bike.

What is the normal red light indication behavior?

Usually, the red light indicator will blink slowly when the bike is turned on. It will disappear when the engine is started.

If the red battery light indicator is not turning off after the engine is started, or the battery red light turns on after riding for while - here are some solutions for this problem.

In a previous post, I mentioned how you can turn off AHO- always light on in royal Enfield to avoid battery drain. It is a temporary solution for starting the bike again.

Reasons for Red light indicator not turning off.

re bike red battery indication in console

As you can imagine, the red light indicator means something is wrong somewhere. But don’t worry. In most cases, it is a simple solution.

Following are some of the reasons why the red light is not turning off after the engine start.

Usually, this happens when,

  • The battery is low.
  • Battery not charging.

Othe reasons list including the above 2.

  1. The battery voltage is below 12v.
  2. The battery charging fuse is burned.
  3. The main fuse is burned.
  4. Any other fuse is burned.
  5. Magnetic coil issue(very low chance).
  6. Some of the connection is wrong(very low chance).
  7. The battery terminal is loosely connected(very low chance).
  8. some other parts in the circuit not working(very low chance).

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Royal Enfield battery red - solutions.

  • Recharge the battery(obvious solution).

You can get the battery charged in any battery shop usually charge is either 50 or 100. Or you can buy a 12v battery charger(16v output). I bought one from amazon.

I recommend charging at a shop unless you have a multimeter to check voltage.

  • Remove and inspect the first fuse from the bottom.

I recommend you read the service manual book before doing this. Remove and inspect the first fuse(which is for battery charging).

Fuse box is located below seat(top left corner of the battery negative terminal).

If the “u” arc fuse wire is burned. It means you have to change it. Otherwise, remove each fuse and inspect.

3 spare fuses are available in the left side of the fuse box.

  • If the battery is charged and the fuse is working.

Before you doubt about issues like fauly magnetic coil - double check above two again.

Yes, it is a difficult situation. It is better to contact the service center. But if you want to proceed to DIY, following are some extra info.

  • Battery terminals are tight.
  • Check battery Grounding is properly done.
  • First, you have to check each connection and verify nothing is broken.
  • Check magnetic coil(It is true that RE Bikes had some magnetic coil issues(mainly in RE Himalayan) in early models. But now the issue is resolved and there is a very low chance of this happening.)
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Written on August 20, 2021
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