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Best scooter for short people - India

It is not difficult. If you choose your scooter wisely, you can easily ride it and make your life happy. These are the best options available in India.

best scooter for short riders
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It is not difficult.

Short people can easily ride almost all scooters.

You just have to learn some tricks.

One example is leaning to a side when you are going to touch ground.

But choosing a right scooter will also help greatly. So what are the things to consider when buying a scooter as a short person doesn’t matter if it is for short ladies or gents.

Piaggio vespa is number 1 option.

piaggio vespa is best scooter for short riders because of its size

Best scooter for short girls/guys is piaggio vespa

Yes, i know it is costlier than other .scooter in India

Infact, it will cost you around 50000 extra compared to other top selling scooters.

But if money is not a problem, and you are short - go fot it.

Learn the tricks - handling.

It actually does not matter how short you are as long as you can balance the vehicle. 

Especially if you learn and use some tricks to handle the weight, lean and movement of the scooter.

modifying a bit.

With bit of modification, you can make your scooter even more suitable for your height requirement.

Going electric

Number of electric scooters on the road is increasing fast. There is a lot of extra options if your are open to the idea of buying electric scooter.

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Written on February 28, 2023
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