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Scooter modification tips- how to improve scooter /bike power, speed & look.

People modify scooters for many reasons. Some do it just for looks, but some want to improve performance. Following are the 17 different things you can do to improve scooter power & look.

Scooter modification tips- how to improve scooter /bike power, speed & look.
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Following are modifications you can do to scooter/bike from 50 cc, 90cc, 110 cc and above. Most of these scooters lack power, looks bad and sounds boring. Following are total 16 different modifications you can do on your scooter to make it cool & powerful without spending too much money.

With a 4 stroke engine scooter/bike having extra power & modifications, you can even do some stunts. Most of the following modifications can be done by anyone who can spend some time with scooter. You need some basic tools like screwdrivers & spanners.

11 modifications for POWER & Performance motor scooter.

Performance cdi

performance cdi for scooter

Let’s modify things in the order; starting with CDI unit itself. CDI unit controls the ignition timing and spark and kind of work as a brain of scooter engine.

If high performance cdi unit for your specific scooter model is available, you can just plug it in and enjoy better performance. A fast charging cdi unit will help to achieve higher rpms.

But make sure that cdi unit is better optimised & from a reliable source.

Ignition coil

Ignition coil

Better Ignition coil will give better and powerful sparks. We are not expecting too much of a difference here but using a good quality ignition coil(there are many low quality ones in the market) will definitely improve the running.

Spark plug

spark plug

Spark plug is of different quality. Using better one will definitely improve not only performance but fuel efficiency also. Buy one from most reliable and trusted source & brand. Iridium, platinum, copper etc are different types of spark plugs available. Avoid copper ones and go with either platinum or iridium.


exhaust modification in scooter

Exhaust is one of the most modified parts of motorcycles & cars. It is easy to replace with a new aftermarket exhaust or you can adjust/change muffler.

Or just adjust the angle of exhaust & you will get different results. A good exhaust will make scooter sound amazing & will also improve engine performance.

Make sure to do Carburetor adjustment to match with new exhaust.

Air filter

air filter modification in scooter

Replacing air filter is the easiest and cheapest modification that anyone can do. There is few different ways to use air filter to improve engine performance. Only buy very good quality filter or otherwise it will impact the health of engine.

Changing air filter will also improve the sound of scooter. Make sure it will not wet while riding if installed without cover.

When air filter is changed & air flow is improved, make sure to tune carburetor to make up with the change.

CVT adjustments – increase roller weight.

CVT adjustments and increase roller weight

For adjusting CVT variator you need to have some tools and opening . But it is relatively easy if you have some time to spend. You can consider changing belt, spring, rollers or plates.

If any of it is worn definitely replace it. Increasing roller weight a little bit will improve take of speed.

Weight adjustments – reduce weight as much as possible.

Weight adjustments scooter modifications

Reducing weight of scooter will increase its efficiency. Removing headlight and head section and installing lightweight lights, removing extra fittings, replacing metal covering with fiber etc will decrease the load on engine & will result in improvement of scooter performance.

Make scooter little bit naked by removing unnecessary covering & use only light weight parts for modifications.

Tire and suspension.

tire and suspension modification in scooter

Tires and suspension can really improve riding experience. When we improve rpm, power and other features, it is a good idea to give some attention to tires and suspension also.

Tires – different type of tires can be used for modification based on type of use. For example for doing offroad, for speed, for more grip etc.

Suspension – suspension modifications can be used also for increasing height of vehicle.

New handle bar

new handlebar in scooter modification

With a better handle bar you can improve both look and riding experience at same time. Before doing this, make sure to plan the look & position of head light in advance.

Finally better brakes.

Brakes are for safety but: changing brakes and brake lever can be a nice additional touch in modification. A nice looking brake lever will improve the look for the scooter/bike. Especially if you removed head light and installed new handle bar.

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Creativity & planning in advance – it is a good idea to plan in advance before changing the look of scooter. Get help from a creative person who have sense of colors.

Look for inspiration online from people who did it already. Take a photo of the scooter and plan different colors and graphics in advance before modifying the look.

Redesigning headlight & handlebar area.

This will not only reduce weight but also give a rugged look to scooter. As mentioned above, replace stock handle bar with a custom one. And remove headlight and covering.

New paint & graphics

Full repainting with some nice graphics will change the whole look of scooter/bike. Make sure to choose matching colors & plan in advance. Removing all parts and painting it seperately is the best way to do it if you have time.

But using mask tapes is also a nice way of doing this.

Best way to do it is using a spray paint. Choosing matt finish instead of glossy finish will be a good idea if you are not ready to put time and effort.

Because if paint work is not good – matte finish would look better than glossy finish.

Revealing more parts – going naked.

Some scooters have so many small panels that conceals each and every part of scooter.

Removing some parts from scooter will give an open refreshing look to it.

Removing cover from lower back side of scooter to reveal shock absorber is a common thing people do.

Changing – accessories.

This will help to change the overall look of scooter. Changing stock accessories like mirrors, seat cover, handle bar, crash guard etc will help improve the look.

Changing seat color, shape & position.

Scooter seat is one of the main visual part of it. So changing it will have big impact on the look.

Try different color or shape. Also modify the position of the seat ie little bit higher or lower.

Give a new color to tire

Coloring tire & frame is another thing to consider. While rubber part of tire looks best in black frame can be changed to a nice color like bright yellow or silver or any color imaginable. Or paint the whole tire black!.

There is so many options.

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Written on September 30, 2020
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