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Are scooters safer than bikes?

Are scooters safer than bikes. Why people think scooters are better than bikes. What do the studies & statistics say?

Are scooters safer than bikes?

This article and all the information is extracted from 2 studies.

Gist of the story is this: scooters are more dangerous than bikes in short distance slow moving situations, and when we consider only the number of accidents.

But severity of the bike accident are usually higher when it happens.

Also, more bike accidents happen in long distance & high speed situations.

Following are the 2 links to see the full information.

Research one Research two

Location where studies are conducted.

Both of the above studies are conducted in Australia. While we may get similar results in less developed countries, this study does not take into account the state of public roads, riding habits etc in different cultures.

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Written on August 28, 2022
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