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Things i learned from Jonny vs. Amber trial

This is what i learned from Jonny vs. Amber trial as an Indian. Whatching this trial happening in the other side of the world, that too live was a totally different experience.

Things i learned from Jonny vs. Amber trial

I do closely follow American politics, podcasts and pop culture. One of the reasons for my interest in American culture is the good content coming from that side of the world.

On top of that, most of the things that happen in America(starting from laws, fashion, ideas etc. to tech & business) affect many other countries.

Or maybe I am trapped in a YouTube bubble. So I am wondering, is anyone else following Johnny Depp vs Amber from India.

Coming to “Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard” I heard some fuss about their UK trial. Mainly in Quora but never bothered to investigate more about it.

Anyway, because of my interest in content from the USA, Johnny Depp vs amber trail was always coming to my YouTube feed.

I will not say that I watched every single second of the trial, but I watched many clips and covered most of the live sessions.

In this post, I will share four things that I learned by watching the trial. The trial happened a few months before. And things are kind of settling down.

Most people, when not blinded by ideologies can see through lies.

People can say if someone is not genuine.

One person might be able to manipulate a few people. But it’s not easy to fool the masses. You might say politicians do that all the time. But I am pretty sure if politicians were under scrutiny similar to this, we could easily see who is true to their values

There are some good people / bad people in all fields.

Obvious fact, but seeing this in a live video that is very similar to a drama was a surreal experience. People often assume good intentions in other people’s actions and forget the fact that many are evil.

There are stupid people in all professions.

Some experts were competent & smart. While some of them were a disgrace to their profession.

Peoples values have huge influence on their professions.

Improved my vocab - learned new words.

This includes some legal terms for example: Hearsay, leading and speculations.

I will not say watching this trial was the most effective use of time for me. But I was able to add a few good words to my English vocabulary. Mainly legal terms such as hearsay, leading question, speculation etc.

“That is right” is a phrase I immediately started to use in my daily conversations. I use this phrase instead of just saying yes, yes repeatedly.

The American court system is totally different from Indian.

It was only a few years ago that the Supreme Court gave a go-ahead for the audio and video recording of proceedings in Indian courtrooms.

Broadcasting a live court session to the whole world is something that is unimaginable in the Indian judicial system.

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Written on July 6, 2022
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