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Top 5 best footballs in India

Chosen from 100 different Footballs available online in India, this is My ultimate Best football awards list. In all budget categories, from all different brands Cosco, Nivia, Decathlon, Vector, Adidas, Nike, Puma footballs included.

Top 5 best footballs in India
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Quick list of the best footballs in India.

Best of the best - How i choose a football

What you are going to see in the following list are the most special ” best of the best footballs in India”.

What makes them special? Each Football in this list is chosen from another list of best footballs.

That means, these footballs are picked from; separate lists of best footballs in each price category, as shown below.

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So what we are doing is, choosing a single product from each price category of –best footballs available online in India.–

But how I decide which Football is good and which one is bad.

I review footballs based on different factors like; Make materials, number of plies, bladder type, valve type, hand-stiched, machine-stiched or thermal bonded, control, shape retention, bounce, made for hard ground or grass, etc.

Another thing I look for is certification from FIFA itself. Certifications like FIFA Quality PRO, IMF, Etc are a direct indication of the quality and standard of Football.

The best football brands in India.

Good brands to buy Football in India are Cosco, Nivia and decathlon only.

Famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma don’t have a strong presence in the Indian market.

These brands do have Indian subsidiaries and websites for Indian customers. But the products are sometimes different compared to originals and so many fakes in the market.

If you somehow managed to get access to an original football, it is going to be very costly and it is not worth it.

Where to buy and How to avoid fake footballs.

Fakes are a big problem in the Indian sport product market.

Many football copycats and counterfeits are in the market.

This situation badly affects the original brand because people buy fake footballs and add negative reviews. Thinking it is the original one.

So if you are buying a football online, buy from trusted sellers only. If possible, buy directly from official brand websites.

It is better to avoid buying footballs from Adidas, Nike, Etc from portals like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Instead, buy from the official website of the respective brand.

Hard ground and Soft ground Footballs.

Most of the football playing in India happens on hard ground, with rocks and rough conditions. Therefore many footballs available in the market are made for hard ground conditions.

Meaning, outer layers are made with hard natural or synthetic rubber materials. This focus on durability will affect the optimal performance of the Football.

But in the upper budget segment, footballs are made with more focus on control, bounce, etc. Those will not last long on hard ground. But these are the best for grass surfaces.

Best footballs in Each category - what to expect?

Based on the price we pay, the quality of the Football also changes. We get what we pay for, at least in most cases.

Our goal is to get maximum value for the money we pay. So what to expect from each price category of Football.

The best Football below 500 rupees

A highly competitive price range for brands.

So we can expect the best value for money when buying a football in this price range.

I am selecting a football that you can use both on the grass and hard ground.

A football with a little bit hardness- but not too hard either. This will help to avoid losing bounce. Make material in this price range is usually PVC, synthetic rubber, or natural rubber.

Bladder material will be butyl, with cotton or polyester backing.

We will be choosing a football made with natural rubber, medium grains, and butyl bladder.

So the football i chose from the Best footballs in India under 500 rupees List is NIVIA Contry Football.

Nivia Country Football

This football is available in different designs inspired by different country flag/jersey colors. But all of them are the same.

This is an overall great football in my opinion. I say overall because this football tries to bring the best of all. For example, it is not made of very hard outer material but tough enough. Not the best bounce best good enough.

If air pressure is properly maintained, this football will last long. Suitable for both rough surface and smooth grass surface.

Nivia country football france

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The best football below 1000 rupees.

This price range is not as competitive as the above one. But still, there are some awesome footballs you can buy below 1000.

In this section also I am choosing a football that can be used on both grass and hard ground.

No cheap PVC or hard rubber footballs here.

Most footballs in this category are either made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PU, or TPU. You can get a well-made football with good control, correct weight, size, and bounce.

The bladder material will be butyl, latex.

Some footballs in this category come with ‘3’ layers of plies. Not many molded footballs but, you might get good hand-stitched/machine-stitched footballs if you are lucky.

So the football i chose from the Best footballs under 1000 rupees List is NIVIA Simbolo Football. Another football from the same brand? yes but if you want a suggestion for another brand i would say Cosco Gold Cup

Nivia Simbolo football

This hand stitched football comes with the classic 32 panel design. Made for professional players, this football outer material is PU.You can expect good control, speed and bounce.

Nivia simboloa football

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The best Football below 2000.

So what type and quality footballs can we expect here. In the price range of 2000, you can buy almost any footballs in the market. Only some of the most premium match footballs are out of this budget.

Football quality - For 2000 rupees, you can buy match-level Football made with the best quality materials. These footballs have the best properties like bounce, control, touch, Sphericity, etc.

Make materials - in this price range usually are PU, leather pasted, latex bladder with butyl valve. You can expect a minimum of 2 plies and backing of either cotton or nylon material.

Make technology you can expect best making tech. For example, hand-sewn by expert sewers or heat molded with leather pasting.

So the football i chose from the Footballs 2000 rupees List is Cosco Platina Football.

Cosco Platina football

Cosco platina is a FIFA certified football. It is a little bit underrated football so is available below the MRP and with offers most of the time.

Cosco Platina is the best football offered by Cosco & it is made with top-quality PU materials. It has a classical hexagonal 20-panel design.

This football is the official football of many matches in India. It is the best you can get from COSCO.

Cosco Platina football

The best Football for freestyle.

For freestyle football you can go for affordable option or premium option.

Affordable freestyle footballs - avoid balls made for hard ground(hard rubber/synthetic rubber football), machine-stitched & too heavy ones.

Premium freestyle footballs - premium footballs are made with precision & the best quality materials for matches. So these are the best for freestyling also. These are well-made footballs with the right bounce, shape, and quality materials.

My pick for the freestyle football best in india list is yet another football from Nivia - most premium 2020 ISL official football - Nivia Ashtang.

Nivia Ashtang

The material used in making is PU-Micro Leather Stitched.

Comes with FIFA PRO with ISL Logo. Bounce, control, and air retention qualities are top-notch.

Nivia ashtang football

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Written on April 6, 2021
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