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Top 10 best wooden toys brands in India

These are the top 10 best Wooden Toy brands in India. Some, you can buy direclty from online stores. Also available wholesale purchases.

Following are the top best Wooden Toy brands in India. Some of them sell directly to customers, while others export and also sell in bulk.

Case for wooden toys

Wooden toys last longer, they are not toxic, and are not harmful to the environment. They are also very easy to clean, repair, and maintain.

Above are the main points to consider buying wooden toys instead of plastic ones.

Wooden toys, unlike plastic toys can be a long-lasting and durable. Sometimes you can pass it on to the next generation.

For example, a well-made wooden car toy will last for many years. You can do small repairs and clean it up, and add some non-toxic paint to make it last longer.

Toy industry in India.

Toys industry in India - image of toys in bulk

Toy industry in India is responsible for around 1.5 billion dollars in annual sales. Share of wooden toys in the Indian toy industry is around 5% only.

Wooden toy brands in India.

Most wooden toy manufacturers in India are exporters. Many are small to medium size manufacturers.

For good wooden toys you have to pay premium. These are not like cheap like plastic toys. It takes time to make, because of limited automation in the manufacturing process.

Lack of better marketing, sales and distribution channels also makes them less available to the public.

Following are the top 10 non-toxic wooden toys brands in India. Mostly designed and made in India.

Following List is not in any particular order.

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Fairkraft creations / Maya Organic.

Fairkraft creations formerly known as Maya Organic is a known brand of wooden toys in India. They sell through their website & on Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Best thing about this brand is that their products ‘look amazing’ because of the amazing paint work and finish.

This company is based on Bangalore and their manufacturing facility is also in Bangalore.

Products include - rattles, stackers, push and pull toys, board games, puzzles, and other wooden toys.

They also sell wooden office and home decoration items like vases, pen stand etc. also.

Skola Toys.

Indian wooden toy brand based on Bengaluru Karnataka. You can choose toys in categories like dexterity, environment, numbers and language, cognition etc.

Their toys are designed with more focus on learning and fun.

They sell wholesale and retail, and partner stores are available across main cities in India.

Shumee Toys.

Another Bangalore based wooden toy brand. They focus marketing and sales of wooden toys.

This brand focus on more premium & large wooden toys and designs.

This brand is therefore best option for quality wooden toys for nursery, or play school needs. They sell on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online stores.

Hape Toys.

Unlike above brands, Hape is not an Indian manufacturer. They are big brand compared to above-mentioned ones and their factories are in China & toys are imported from China.

Hape toys are more mass-produced and therefore they look and feel more like plastic toys, but they are durable and long lasting.


Skillofun is a Gurgaon based company(Vayu Distributors Private Limited)) selling wooden toys. Wooden toys for building, conceptual learning, hand eye coordinators, language, shapes & other Skill development toys are sold by them.

They have a special section of pawpetrol toys.Skillofun toys are available in Online stores like flipkart, Amazon, first cry etc.

Toys from skillofun are affordable & easily purchasable, from different online stores.


This mumbai based wooden toy company have high quality wooden toys, but at high price. You can buy fom official store and online stores. This brand was founded in 2016 and have variety in design and types.

Flash cards, kids furniture, story books etc. are the main focus of this brand.

They sell through retailers, online stores and Amazon.

Where to buy? You can shop from their official website or from their Amazon store.


This is not indian company but you cna find some of their toys in India. If you are living abroad and want to buy wooden toys, you can get this brand from stores abroad.

Little Genius.

Started with just 2 wooden toys for kids, Little Genius, has grown to become one of the top wholesaler/exported wooden toys in India.

Litlle genius toys private limited operate and manufacture toys based on New Delhi and Noida.

Main attraction of Little Genius is their wide range of wooden toys. And are affordable for common people.

Alphabets, shapes, puzzles, bulding blocks, insert tray toys, learn with fun, magnetic wall hanging toys, etc. They export, distribute and sell their toys to many parts of the world.


As the name suggests, Eduedge focuses more on educational toys. Categories include - learning, numbers, language, environment, shape stackers, colour sorting etc.

Vardhaman I.Q. Toys Pvt. Ltd is the creator of Eduedge and they are based in Maharashtra.

Eduegame is a good option for teaching kids with the help of toys.

Thasvi Toys.

Another company based in Bangalore. Thasvi Wooden Toys from karnataka have wooded very good collection of wooden toys for newborn kids.

Rattles from thasvi toys are best toys for kids under 2 year old.


Jaipur based company that focuses on wooden toys for kids. Flexible wooden road tracks, stacking toys, toy vehicles etc. are their products.

Woodbee toys.

Innovative and cool wooden toys for kids. Woodbee is based in Tamilnadu.

Mediaum and big wooden toys are their main focus. Best for nursery, play school, kids, and other kids needs.

You can buy from their official website.

Etikoppaka - group of toy manufacturers from etikoppaka.

This is a wooden toy making small business(village) based on Andhra Pradesh. There are many small businesses in the village with the same name Etikoppaka.

Their products are more focusing on traditional wooden toys with traditional designs and making.

One interesting thing about these toys is that they are finished with lacquer coating. They are colored with natural dyes derived from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots and leaves

These toys recently acquired geographical indication tag.

Where to buy - these toys are available on Amazon, Flipkart and other online stores. But sold by different sellers, not single brand.

Written on March 29, 2022
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