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Top 10 Best Yoga mat brands in India.

Easily identify a Chinese vs Good Indian Yoga mat brands. Get the best value for money by choosing a good yoga mat from this list of top 10 yoga mat brands.

Top 10 Best Yoga mat brands in India.

We already wrote about starting yoga at home, best books for understanding yoga, how to choose a yoga mat, different types of yoga mats etc.

But in this post, we will explore the list of the best yoga mat brands in India.

2 types of yoga mat brands in India.

  • Brands those who buy from China & sell here — these include both big and small brands.

Most of the yoga mats that we use in India come from China. And it is not that difficult to track any product from China to it sources.

But there is so many variations, of every single product and many sources in China that use the same design. So, it is not easy & will take a lot of time.

So I am showing some images of what a generic Chinese yoga mat look like and how a custom design looks like.

How generic / drop-ship / China / wholesale yoga mats look like.

Made in China yoga mat

Generic yoga mats look like a sheet of foam that is cut from a big role of mat. Usually made with EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate). These are very spongy and will snap back when we try to roll it.

  • Brands, those who develop yoga mats in India.

Brands with some identity and values. These are Indian brands that have their own concept & design of yoga mats.

Even those having their own design might have its raw materials from China / manufactured in China. But at least they have a unique design & they did put some effort.

Following are some image samples of such products. Notice how they differ from above ones.

How custom designed yoga mats look like.

Made in India yoga mat

Custom designed yoga mats look different from generic mats. These are made with better quality materials for example, cotton, natural/artificial rubber/jute/bamboo, microfiber, cork etc.

If you find your own brand here and want to contact me and provide more details. You can do that via email provided in contact page.

Coming to the point, following are some Yoga mat brands having strong presence in Indian market (at least online). This list is from best to worse according to my research and knowledge.


Yoga land

Yoga land is one of the best yoga mat brands (according to me). Not only these are made in India but also are manufactured using natural materials like bamboo, cotton etc.

Pros - Designed and made in India, Natural material.

Cons - More costly compared to others.

Store link - Amazon

Kosha yoga

kosha yoga

This is an Indian brand. They sell yoga mats and sport wear for women. Other products include yoga socks, gloves, yoga blocks, belt etc.

Pros - made in India.

Cons - not available on Amazon you can buy from their website.

Store link - Amazon


fabssy yoga mat

Delhi based mainly fitness related brand. They sell yoga related and fitness related products like yoga blocks, yoga belts, hand strengthener etc.

Pros - as per Amazon listing info, mats are manufactured in India. Good quality mats at relatively low price.

Cons - price compared to some other brands.

Amazon basics.

amazon basics

A brand semi owned by Amazon, basics have hundreds of products in different categories. Amazon basics products are usually of average quality. Not too bad, not too good either. Priced very competitively.

Pros - competitive pricing.

Cons - yoga mat is just one of many product under this soulless brand.

Store link - Amazon


Boldfit mat

This is a Bengaluru based sports company selling on Amazon and also in their website. They sell masks, juices, supplements, yoga mats & other fitness related products.

They have some good premium yoga mats. Most likely sourced from China but good quality ones.

Pros - good quality.

Cons - costly, from China.

Flipkart Adrenex.

adrenex yoga mat

Flipkart Adrenex similar to Adrenex sell average quality products. Not the best, but not the worse either. They sell on this brand name, but products are manufactured by other companies, either in India or imported.

Pros - quality is similar to Amazon basic products, competitive price.

Cons - yoga mat is just one of many products under this soulless brand.


yoga rise

Yogarise sells only yoga mats, mainly on Amazon. Country of origin mentioned in the sales page is India.

Pros - Prices are affordable, made in India.



According to Amazon listing, their mats are manufactured in Delhi, India. They sell other yoga products like sand bag, yoga belt, eye pillows etc too.

Yoga mats are made with EVA material.

Pros - made in India.

Cons - costly compared to others.


Nivia yoga mat

While they produce the best football and volleyball in Indian market. Their yoga mats are disappointing. Some mats have country of origin mentioned as India, but many are not.

Pros - premium mats from this company are good.

Cons - not up to mark with their other products.


cosco yoga mat

Cosco is one of the leading Indian sports company. They import many products but at the same time have in house manufacturing unit.

Pros - nice packing & branding.

Cons - yoga mat material is very rough plastic.



Punjab based company that sells many sports products starting from gym to gloves.

Pros - many sports products, low cost.

Cons - most likely imported from China. Not the best quality.

Fitness mantra.

Fitness mantra

Sells yoga mats, puzzle mats & yoga bricks. Looks like imported from China.

Pros - cheap.

Cons - generic product.

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Written on September 23, 2021
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