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5 best books on memory palace.

Best books to learn the method of loci/memory palace. Books on Easy techniques, history & Proven methods.

5 best books on memory palace.
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Memory is a superpower.

Learning just 1 trick & practicing will improve your memory drastically.

Then imaging how much you can improve with many more tricks.

Following are the top 5 best books on memory palace & other memory tricks.

These are the best books to learn method of loci/memory palace.

Books on Easy techniques, history & Proven methods.

Art of Memory classic book.

Art of memory book

Author: Frances Yates

Published in 1966 by a historian, this book is one of the first books on Memory castle. This book covers not only memory palace but different Mnemonic methods used by people of past.

Many methods mentioned in this book are still being used today. But it is more focused on the history & does not solely focus on memory palace method.

Still a very good read for anyone interested in different mnemonic systems.

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Your Complete Guide to Building a Memory Palace.

Your complete guoide to building a memory palace book cover

Author: Graham Best

This book promises dramatic increase in your memory by building a memory palace. Unlike the above book which focuses more on the history side, this is kind of used guide on building a memory palace.

This book will teach you how to build, expand & keep items in memory.

I would recommend this book to people who just want to learn the memory palace, but not its history or anything else.

While this book is the best for beginners to learn all memory palace techniques, this is not an advanced book.

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Moonwalking With Einstein.

moonwalking with einstein book cover

Author:Joshua Foer

This book is not just a how-to guide on memory palace like above. It tries exploring more, starting from history to the latest researches & many other mentalist tricks.

While the stories & exploration of the author are intriguing, actual practice tricks are limited in number. But interestingly, it is a good read for both beginners and advanced level people.

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The Memory Palace.

The Memory Palace - Learn Anything and Everything

Author: Lewis Smile

Very straightforward book that goes straight to the techniques and tips. Best for those who are not much interested in history or other stuff but improve memory.

Therefore very suitable for beginners who want to learn memory palace & other techniques to improve memory.

It uses Shakespeare plays as an example all through the book, so if you want to practice by memorizing something else, it is annoying.

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Remember Remember.

Remember, Remember: Learn the Stuff You Thought You Never Could book cover

Author: Ed Cooke

Very engaging book on memory palace. Start as a beginner and end as an expert in memory palace & other methods. This book explains many methods that are applicable in all different situations.

It succeeds in explaining cool techniques. But this book has the same issue as the above one. It takes kinds of Britain, USA presidents as examples to demonstrate different techniques.

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Written on October 13, 2021
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5 best books on memory palace.