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Top 5 best scooter gear oil in India

Following are the best gear oil products availble online in India. Best, affordable & branded transmission oil for better miliage & performance.

Top 5 best scooter gear oil in India

Following are some best scooter gear oil(also known as transmission oil) available in India.

Changing gear oil, although ignored by many, is an important part of the regular maintenance of motor scooters.

Even those who remember to change the Engine oil regularly forget about gear oil.

Many don’t even know about the gear system/transmission system near the back tire. Thus ignore the maintenance altogether.

Changing gear oil in regular interval will improve the mileage, prevent chipping gear teeth and will prevent a costly repair job.

When to change gear oil in scooters

If the scooter is new, transmission oil is drained & replaced in first service, ie 500km.

And topped up in the second service. And then drained & replaced in third service, etc.

There are two ways you can go about it. You can either top up and replace intermittently. Or just replace every time within 5000 to 10,000 KMS.

  • By checking gear oil level-if gear oil is low, just top up it occasionally, looking at the level. Or just replace it altogether.

  • By km driven – if your scooter does not have a level, you can just replace or top up every 5000 km.

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Why gear oil ? — Gear oil vs engine oil.

Many people, in India, even mechanics suggest to use engine oil for gear system too. While it is better than nothing, it is recommended to use transmission oil.

Gear oil otherwise known as transmission oil have better characteristics in following 3 categories compared to engine oil.

  • Better wear protection.
  • Better corrosion protection.
  • Friction optimization.

Top 5 best scooter gear oil in India.

Bosch F002H20987079.

Bosch F002H20987079 gear oil

This is one liter bottle and is one of the best option available in India. This can be used at least 5 to 6 times.

Viscosity is 90G GL4 - The extreme pressure additives provide excellent protection to gears and protect them against wear and scoring even under even the heavy-duty conditions

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This is one time use product(120ml) and is specifically made for use in scooter. The packing is suitable for easily putting oil inside with a long tip.

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Motul All Gear EP 80W90 Gear Oil.

Motul All Gear EP 80W90 Gear Oil.

This is a one liter package & can be used many times in scooter. It is made for using in car but, it will work best in scooter also. Viscosity is 80W90 and standard is APL GL-4.

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Written on December 17, 2021
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