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Top 5 3g/4g WiFi routers with sim card slot & LAN

Yes, you can use a SIM card in a WiFi router & use LAN cable Ethernet ports/rj45!. In this post, we are going to have a look at the top 5 best WiFi router/modems with all sim support 4g, 3g, 2g sim cards slot & LAN port. These are also known as 4g routers.

Top 5 3g/4g WiFi routers with sim card slot & LAN

5 best wifi routers with sim card slot & LAN port in India.

Note: Almost all of the below-mentioned products even branded ones are either manufactured in China or imported from China. Some products share very similar software and hardware.

  • TP-link TL-MR100 300 Mbps Router (Black, Single Band)

TP-link TL-MR100 300 Mbps Router

This option is most costly option you can go for. But it is a good brand TP-link. Not any other products in the below list have brand value or customer support as this one. This device have 2 lan ports on top of the sim card slot. You can buy this device at a price around 4500 rupees.

  • Mastel MT-300H 300 Mbps Router (White, Dual Band).

Mastel MT-300H 300 Mbps Router

This device also supports all different network sim. Support speed upto 300Mbps and have one lan cable port. This device is branded in different names like JK Vision, conbre CPE etc but all are the same models. Differetly branded same product originating in China.

  • IC PLUS /4G+WiFi Device COFE- Plug & Online.

IC plus 3g/3g router with lan support

Type: 3g/4G Router,1500 Mbps Speed, Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz. Similar to above Mastel MT-300 this one also have one LAN port to connect various devices.

  • COFE CF-4G707WF 300mbps.

3g router with LAN - sim slot -external antenna

Another router with all sim support speed upto 300Mbps. Small form factor with single LAN Port. Also be used as wifi extender through input hotspot. Nano sim slot & very simple for use as no configuration needed.

Offer purchase links - Not available.

  • Xpia-i 4G WiFi Routers.

Status - Product not availble currently.

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### Best intertnet plans to use along with this device. BSNL - 3g plan 70 Gb plan. If you are lucky and have bsnl network access this one is the best for 4g/3g modems. You can get most affordable options with good speed. JIO - 4g plans with monthly/yearly subscription. Airtel- 3-month plan with daily internet quota. VI - Similar competitive plans 3g/4g in most areas. # Top 5 best wifi routers with sim card slot/support & LAN port in India. Yes, you can use a SIM card in a WiFi router.And you cann create a LAN with RJ45 ports or Ethernet ports. In this post, we are going to have a look at the top 5 best wifi router/modems with all sim support 4g, 3g, 2g sim cards slot. These are also known as 4g routers. ## Future of internet connectivity in India - Solution for remote areas. ### Starlink in India! Elon musks Starlink project is getting more and more attention around the world. Their services are very useful for people in remote areas. And plans are affordable for most people. They even started their booking in India. But booking charges are around 7000 rupees and it is expected to be available only after 1 year. Things are only going to reveal - how govt sees this foreign company entering the market with such a service. We also have to weigh and see how companies like jio,Vi, Airtel, etc respond to this. If it is allowed it is going to be a disruption similar to the entry of jio in the Indian telecom market. On top of that, it will take another year or two for regulations to catch up with this. ### Broadband in India. Broadband charges were going down after the introduction of jio. But started to stabilize after lockdown & increase in the demand. Penetration of broadband to remote areas is improving fast. But people in such areas have to wait a lot if they want to experience high-speed broadband fiber internet to reach them.

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### 4g internet - JIo, Vi, Airtel, Bsnl. Jio is increasing its prepaid charges day by day and not increasing its data volume. All other networks are following jio pricing plans except some good plans from bsnl. Recent spectrum licensing - 5g spectrum licensing is on hold(which is a shame by the way) at the time of writing this. All other countries are moving ahead with 5g yet India is still stalling. 4g - jump from 3g to 4g in a fast-paced manner was great. But still. the internet speed of many 4g networks is not that great. This can be improved by using a 4g router but most of the routers in the market are proprietary and do not support other network sim cards. # 5 best wifi routers with sim card slot in India - SOLUTION FOR SLOW INTERNET in Remote areas. If you are from a remote area, looking for a cheap but fast internet connection, this is the best option for you. > Are you looking for a WIFI router with an rj45 port/LAN that you can use without any broadband connection? It is actually possible and there are many brands offering such products. **How this works** - This works similar to brand-specific products like jiofi, airtel, etc but with extra ports like rj45 out. So it can support CCTV, DVR, NVR, etc. They also allow us to use any network for example Bsnl, Jio, Airtel, etc. And supports 3g, 4g, and even 2g. Also, support additional bands for example your mobile might support 2 bands but these devices can catch an extra frequency thus improving network reception. These devices have another advantage of **external antennas** which help them get more signals. This also opens up another possibility of using **external booster antennas** that you can place outside of your home and receive better signals. These features are very useful if you are located in a remote area with very low signals and costly broadband. Most of these routers do support remote access ports also. Meaning you can access devices remotely. Many other features are available in the web control settings of these devices. Which are usually locked by the proprietary devices. ## Why buy 4g routers with sim slot - Supports different bands - Extra network bands. - Ports for CCTV, and cable connection. - Best for remote areas with a low network range. - Put somewhere where there is a good network. - All network sim supported. This is one of the best features of these routers. Many 4g routers are network locked and cannot be used with another network/sim card. These data cards are a little bit discounted by brands - but they make sure to force customers to use only their sim. Even if you unlock one of these Datacard, it is going to be very glitchy and unstable making these devices unusable. On the other hand, 4g routers support all networks. - Allow band locking. - Single internet plan for all. - More signal More speed. - Connect cctv, desktop, tv etc. - Can use it as wifi extender.

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Written on June 5, 2021
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Top 5 3g/4g WiFi routers with sim card slot & LAN