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Vector X POWER Basketball review

This is a short summary review of Vector X Power Basketball. I bought this ball for reviewing, because there was not any reviews or unboxing online. It was one of the cheapest size 7 basketball online.

It is a rubber molded tubeless basketball. MRP - 549. Available in other sizes 3, 5,6 7 etc.

Following is my unboxing of this product.

I bought it from Flipkart. At the time of buying, it had 4+ star rating.

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Cons - i got a leaking basketball!

  • Air was lost after few hours(maybe it was some issue with mine)
  • Shape is not perfectly round.
  • Material is thick and rigid - low quality rubber.

Pros - not many pros but still

  • Very thick - it feels heavy and almost right weight.
  • Size 7 is big, Color is nice - also it still has 4+ star rating in Flipkart.
  • Low cost - it is half the price of many basketballs.

If you want to check the price and review from other buyers -> link to Amazon

Written on June 18, 2020
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