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WAHL 9243-4724 hair clipper review

This is my review of the WAHL hair clipper that i bought from flipkart. It stopped working after few months of use so i opened it and tried to repair it.

I bought WAHl 9243-4724 hair trimmer online from Flipkart. They price I got it is for Rs. 1,230.

It worked for around 2.5 months, i.e. almost 3 or 4 haircuts.

Then one day it stopped working.

It used to overheat but I didn’t mind. But then one day after using it for minutes, it got hot and stopped working. That is my experience.

I am pretty sure that WAHL/Its subsidiary in India/some company is mass manufacturing the hair clipper in China.

They saw the massive sales opportunity in India. And decided to make low-priced products specifically for Indian consumers.

Should you buy this trimmer for personal use?

This is not a hair clipper for professional use, that is a true fact. But should you buy this trimmer for personal use?

Even though my experience was Bad. And it stopped working after few months of use, it still has an above 4-star rating on Flipkart.

And is being sold at even lower price.

Many customers gave positive review about this trimmer. And some even claims they are using it since one of 2 years now.

Review of the trimmer - facts.


  1. It gets hot while working.
  2. It is not for professional use.
  3. Furthermore, it does not have good quality, that you may expect from so-called American brands.
  4. Mass-produced in China.
  5. Not for trimming beard etc., high vibration & sound.
  6. Don’t expect any good after sales service.


  1. It is cheap.
  2. Long cable.
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Written on May 20, 2022
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WAHL 9243-4724 review


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