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Wall Mount Chin up Bar Review -Star X WM-BAR-2000

This is a review of Wall Mounting pull up bar from Online stores, like Amazon, flipkart etc. Should you buy It ? How is the quality? How much weight can it hold Etc.

Wall Mount Chin up Bar Review -Star X WM-BAR-2000

Are pull up bars effective? Yes.

And buying a Wall Mount Chin up/pull up Bar is easy. Installing it properly is the most difficult part.

This is a review of specific product - Star X WM-BAR-2000, But it is relevant in the case of similar products like JoyFit - Pull up Bars, Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar, IBS, Push2fit Chinup Bar, BombaySports WALL MOUNT Pull-up Bar etc

wall mountable pull up bar with screws

Bought it from Amazon India. Available within price range of. 750 Rs. to 4000 Rs. Arrived in good shape & nice packaging.

Wall mountable pull up / chin up bars for home are best for those who want to do work out within the comfort of their homes.

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Chin up/ Pull up Bar Exercises

You can do Normal pull up, wide pull up, narrow pull up, hanging. Can focus on muscles on shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, upper lats, biceps, and forearm muscles.

Can also use to attach other exercising equipments like, hanging a punching bag, attaching resistance band, ab strap etc. This is an essential part of personal home gym if you want full body workout option.

Some people try to Gain height by hanging on these pull up bars. With proper posture & techniques this product can be used for that also.

Buy one with enough width otherwise narrow pull up will be interrupted by the joining (perpendicular) bars.

Product details - Wall Mount Chin up/Pull up Bar India

Star-X-WM-BAR-2000 length & width

Product Looks nice, with black glossy finish paint. Width, Total length of horizontal bar is 36 inches. Weight of product is approx 3.5 kg. Distance of bar is 12 inches away from wall. Welding looks nice & clean. Quality - just enough for holding 120 kg Max. Wall thickness should be minimum of 6 inches to hold it properly.

Fasteners arrived with this product is M 8 Anchor Bolts(wall bolts) 6 Nos. Length of all fasteners is 6cms.

3 ways to install Pull Up/chin up Bar on the wall

If installed correctly pull up bars are effective & safe. But If not properly installed, crumbling/cracking sounds, cement falling down, movements while exercising etc. will happen or in the worst case scenario, falling down to floor.

You must have a Drilling machine with you to install it yourself. Or get help from a professional. You have to pay an amount of 200 to 1000 rs based on availability of labor in your location.

First Add 2 screws that connects 3 parts of product together. Mark where holes should be drilled. Best place to attach is, above a window, door or anywhere there is a concrete wall.

If it is above a door you will get more space for while doing exercises.

screws for installing pull up bar for wall

Concrete/cement/brick wall : Use wall bolts with or without fast curing epoxy(Eg:Mseal). Will not be very stable on a hollow cement block wall. But can be installed on good blocks.

Wood : wooden wall can hold it similar to concrete wall, in fact this is the best option. You need to use different type of fasteners.

Weld : You can also weld, or screw to an iron frame.

You cannot install it easily without a drilling machine. Even if you have necessary equipments, you need to spend some time drilling and figuring out how to do it. Wall should be able to withstand weight & screws.

Pros of wall mountable chin up/pull up bars

  • Nice build quality, it can easily hold 100 - 120 kg. But I doubt it will be comfortable if you weigh more than 120 kg.
  • Paint job is professional & looks nice.
  • Comes with 6 fasteners. No need to buy separately.

Cons of wall mountable chin up/pull up bars

  • Sponge Wrap will be lost for sure after few days.
  • Will not hold more than 120Kg, more that 100 kg will not be comfortable. Totally depends on quality of installation. Could be dangerous if not done properly. Chance of Serious injuries.
  • It depends a lot on how you install it, type of fasteners etc also.
  • It will be not that comfortable to do close grip pull-ups.

Should you buy a wall mount pull up / chin up bar?

Buy if: Buyer Weight maximum 120 kg. Concrete walls available outdoor/indoor with enough space (at least 1 square meter). Can install it properly.

Looks clean and neat even inside a room. This can be used along with resistance bands, straps, and even pulleys for other exercises. Also, good for hanging a punching bag. Good setup to work out in home.

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Written on October 17, 2019
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