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Where to get products for online sales in India-Get the best margin.

Getting products at the lowest price is the key step to make sure you are not going to end up with losses. In this article, you can get to know the best places to buy products wholesale in India.

Where to get products for online sales in India-Get the best margin.

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How to find products to sell online in India.

Where to buy from India for selling on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay ?

It is easy and very difficult at the same time. Since you are buyer here, a lot of sellers are eager to contact and sell to you. That makes things easy.

But spending money and buying is easy, but you have to be really sure that the products you buy can be sold on Amazon, Flipkart or other platforms.

Points to note are.

  • Is the product in demand.
  • At what price is other sellers selling the product.
  • How much margin is there to cover all the costs.
  • Are you buying from a real wholesaler.
  • Chance of fraud, cheating & scams.

For new sellers finding unique & profitable products to sell online in India is not that easy. It takes some experience, trial & error and a lot of patience.

But eventually you will have the contacts, sources and all the information you need.

Following are some sources you can use to research, find and procure products at wholesale price to sell online.

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Wholesale purchase.

Udan.com and application.

One of the best option as of now for new sellers is udan.com.

Undan is a wholesale eCom platform for purchasing in bulk. You can find products with good margin if you keep looking for products in different categories.

There is a MOQ and minimum order amount for almost all products.

Both brands, manufacturers & whole sellers sell in this platform.

Pros - assured delivery and safety similar to buying from flipkart or amazon, low delivery charges, you can return products without any issue.

Cons - Margin on products are not that great, You have to bear platform fees(udan charges from sellers but end of the day buyers have to bear it), not possible to contact sellers directly.

IndiaMART website and application.

Second-best option to buy wholesale in India. This platform allows payment through the platform and out of the platform.

You can contact wholesale sellers and manufacturers directly and deal with them.

Pros - many manufactures and wholesalers available, You can get better margin than udan.com, easy to find products, you can contact sellers directly.

Cons - chance of fraud is high, you have to bargain little to reduce price, MOQ is usually higher, Not much safety & assurances.

Flipkart wholesale app.

This is not that great for online sellers because margin is low. But good for offline retailers. But occasionally you can find products at cheap price for reselling.

Pros - Safety high(assured delivery and return in case of not satisfactory product), branded products available,

Cons - margin not that high, Good for offline stores.

Binjis mobile app.

Good for apparels and footwear.

Pros - safety for buyers assured, low minimum order quantity possible.

Cons - fixed price, not possible to contact sellers directly, products other than apparel and footwear is not available.

Anar mobile app.

This is a wholesale social media app to connect buyers and sellers. You can connect with wholesalers, manufacturers, and brands and post requirements and bargain.

Pros - can contact sellers directly, can bargain.

Cons - not trade assurance so buying on your own risk.

Azestek mobile app.

Similar to Binjis, this app also focuses on apparel and footwear. You can buy at lower min order quantity and there is product quality and return assurance given by the platform.

Cons - margin is fixed, buyers end up bearing the platform fee.

Pros - good for new sellers, MOQ is not too high.

Finding local wholesaler

This is the second-best option after indiamart.com.

If your business is based on a particular location, you can find local wholesalers. For example all major cities in India have big wholesale stores, you can find them easily.

In most of the second tier cities also, you can find wholesale stores.

Pros - you can find them easily, direct contact with supplier possible, can avoid extra costs like shipping charges.

Cons - need some bargaining to get best price.

Manufacturers in India.

While some manufacturers are available in some of the above-mentioned sources, most of them are wholesalers.

So where you can find manufacturers to buy from. One of the good way to find manufacturers is by searching internet and finding their website.

It may sound simple and no-brainer, but not many online sellers do this. For this, first decide a product to sell and search for manufacturers in your area. Get contact number and contact directly.

Cons - high MOQ, Finding contacts not easy. Pros - possibility of best profit margin, unique products can be found.

Importing to India.

Importing is the best option when you are buying in very high quantity. Those sellers who import and directly sell on Amazon, Flipkart or eBay get the best profit margin and sales.

Pros - if done properly margin will be high, you can bring some new & unique products to local market this way. Cons - there are risks associated with importing, shipping cost is very high if you don’t have proper channels.

Banggood app.

Best option for new online sellers who are not ready to spend huge amount on bulk importing.

While banggood is a B2C eCom store, if you can find unique and high demand product(niche items that is not usually available in your country). You can sell it in local market and get profit.

Alibaba website.

Use for high quantity import from China. Shipping cost can be high if you cannot arrange shipping yourself.

You can get trendy, new and unique products at very cheap price to sell online in your country. You get to have trade assurance and other safety measures for buyers.

Made in China.com website.

Very similar to Alibaba, you have to contact the sellers and arrange shipping and purchase.

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Written on March 2, 2022
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