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Which fitness band to buy in India

The market is flooded with so many band brands. Some of them are good and some are not. So instead of suggesting a particular product I would like to suggest a list of few notable fitness band brands in India you may consider buying from. I also added 1 or 2 best-selling models from each brand.

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Garmin – Vivosmart, vivofit, vivoactive , vivomove etc are their different fitness band product categories.

MI – Mi Band – HRX Edition or Mi band 2

Boltt – Boltt Beat HR or Boltt fit series


Fitbit – Fitbit Charge 2 & Fitbit Flex 2

Lifesense – Their top selling bands / smart watches are Lifesense Band 2, Lifesense Band 2S, Lifesense Watch etc.

HUG – HUG Elan Advanced Multisport Fitness Tracker & HUG HG01 Smart Watch.

RIVERSONG – Wave fit / Wave BP

Huawei – Huawei ERS-B29 Band 2 Pro / Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic

GOQii – GOQii GQ3B

Moov – Moov Now 3d

OMNiX – OMNiX ID115 Plus HR, 107HR Plus

You can see best selling bands at top 20 Smart-band & Smartwatch brands in India and Fitness band buyers guide for more details.

Written on January 31, 2018
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