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Why scooter gives less mileage? Quick solution.

10 Easy tips to improve your two-wheelers mileage. What causes low mileage in scooters/bikes? why do scooters give less mileage?

Why scooter gives less mileage? Quick solution.
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What are the common causes low mileage in scooters/bikes? And how can we improve it.

In this page, you can see all the info you need, starting from the simplest/easiest to the most advanced things you can do.

Tire pressure.

Tire presure

Simple things first.

Tire pressure is one of the most important and easiest fixes you can do to improve mileage. Have a look at the service manual book and find out the recommended PSI. And keep that pressure in tires.

Use a better alternative to air like Nitrogen to improve the performance even better.

Air filter.

Air filter

Another simple fix almost anyone can do. Replace the air filter or clean it(if reusable). This will definitely help improve the performance of the engine and thus improve mileage.

Worn CVT belt / chain.

CVT belt for better mileage in scooter

This is one of the most common reasons to get low mileage in scooters. If the CVT belt is slipping and the rpm required to move the scooter is very high, it will burn fuel at a very high rate.

People often ignore the recommended replacement period of CVT belt replacement and will run it till it breaks.

Spark plug.

Recommended spark plug clean & efficient

Always use recommended, original and high quality spark plug. This will greatly improve the fuel efficiency of the two-wheeler.

CDI & ignition.

Better CDI for better mileage in scooter

Bit advanced, but if you can find a better & efficient CDI unit and ignition coil combo, you can improve the mileage of the scooter.

Fill petrol in morning.

Getting max out of fuel.

This is a highly debated opinion.

People believe we get more value for money when we fill petrol in the morning.

The reason for this is that, since fuel is measured in liters(volume) and not in weight(kg).

Volume of fuel increases when it is hot & therefore we get less. So you will get correct amount when it is cold. So we get more fuel when it is cold.

But some argue that, even if this is true, since fuel is stored underground, heat/cold does not have an affect.

I don’t know how true this is but hey it is an idea that is around.

But one thing is clear: always buy fuel from a pump that you trust.

Keep in shade(in the case of motorbike).

Park under a tree to save petrol

Keeping the two-wheeler under direct sun (while parked) will result in loss of fuel. While this happens at a slow pace, still have an effect in long term.

If it is not easy to find a shaded area to park your scooter, put something like your rain coat / helmet / thick sheet on top of the tank to prevent the evaporation

Clean carburetor.

Clean and happy carburettor for better millage

Ok, this requires you to get your hands dirty. And requires some advanced skills.

But if you have time and scooter is having some trouble, cleaning the carburetor will greatly improve the performance of the engine.

New engine oil.

clean and fresh engine oil

Replace engine oil at regular intervels.

Gear oil.

Keep gear oil fresh to improve mileage

Often ignored part of maintenance. Gear oil change is not required as often as engine oil but changing it will improve the overall performance of the scooter.

Premium fuel or buy from trusted pumps only.

premium fuel will give better mileage in two wheeler

Some petrol pump owners do all kinds of frauds to improve their profit.

So always buy fuel from a place you trust. Premium fuel is really great option for improving the overall efficiency of the engine. So whenever premium petrol is available, use it.

Service regularly.

Regular Maintenance & service is required for better performance of scooter

Regularly servicing the vehicle will not only improve the efficiency, it will also make scooter more reliable.

Avoid quick acceleration.

RPM vs Fuel efficiency graph

Quick ‘acceleration and braking’ will result it more fuel consumption. Use engine breaking while driving a motorbike. Avoid quick acceleration and keep a speed to avoid unnecessary burning oil.

Reduce weight load.

Less load for more mileage

Reduce extra fittings. And remove unnecessary things that you always keep inside the storage area.

Idle for 1 min before riding.

This graph shows how idling helps in better fuel efficiency

Idling the vehicle 1 min before riding is a recommended practice to improve efficiency and longevity of the engine.

Especially in cold weather/morning.

Avoid busy times for travelling - just 10 min late or early.

More traffic less mileage

Starting just ‘10 min early or 10 min late’ will tremendously change the travel time. Avoid peak traffic at all cost.

Fuel efficiency depends a lot on the number of vehicles on the road at any given time.

Keep all the parts well lubricated and maintained

better lubrication on chain and sprocket

Always lubricate the moving parts as per the service manual. Especially drive chain and engine(oil change).

Become a better driver.

better driving practices for better mileage

Becoming a better driver and following all the fuel saving driving practices will help greatly.

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Written on August 28, 2022
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