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Best yoga mats for sweat - grip like a crab!

5 Best yoga mats for sweaty guys and gals. And other Easy solutions for sweat while doing Yoga. Increase the grip & stop slipping.

Best yoga mats for sweat - grip like a crab!

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting with yoga, slipping on the mat is a concern while doing poses.

Slipping is even more of an issue while trying a new posture for the first time.

Sweat is not just a general inconvenience while doing yoga. There are many secondary problems like leaving a mess, yoga mat becoming messy, hand slip, yoga mat slip on the floor, etc.

For me, maintaining the correct posture & breathing are the most important things while practising yoga.

Therefore, sweaty palm feet are risk factors and should not be taken lightly. And any resulting accidents can be avoided.

So in this post, we will have a look at the best yoga mats for sweaty guys and gals. And other solutions for safe yoga practice with a sweating body.

Yoga with a sweaty body — Best yoga mats for sweaty hands & other solutions.

Non-slip yoga mat & anti-sweat powder — for those who sweat not much.

Most yoga mats are by design made to avoid both slipping on the floor. Also, to give more grip on the top for the person too.

But not all yoga mats are made equal. Some are generic mats from China, while others are well-designed and developed by experienced yogis in India.

Reebok quality yogamat

While choosing a yoga mat, make sure to buy one that is of good quality.

To prevent sweating on just hand and feet, make use of chalk-type sweat powder.

Pros — the best option for mild sweating, easy to carry.

Cons — While this is a solution for many, not everyone.

But some of us sweat not only on palms & feet but all over the body. For example, people who have hyperhidrosis sweat profusely. Not only in the palm/feet but all over the body.

For such people, buying just a good mat is not a solution. Please, keep reading for more solutions.

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Socks and gloves — non-slip yoga gloves.

You can use a pair of socks/gloves on feet and palm. This will prevent slipping on the yoga mat. Gloves & socks made just for this purpose are available online.

yoga gloves and socks

Pros — the best solution or sweaty palm and feet, looks cool & easy to carry.

Cons — not for those who sweat too much.

Two sided mat — will hold up to some extent.

Theses are mats that are made of thick, mat towel material with padding underneath.

2 sided yoga mat

Many 2 sided yoga mats are available online. Theses are often more costly compared to generic ones. Usually above 1000 and more.

One side (top) is made with microfiber that absorbs sweat, and the other side is usually rubber or other material for grip.

Pros — No extra product needed, all in one solution.

Cons — It will absorb sweat till a point, but after that it becomes slippery.

Yoga on a rough floor/grass.

Yoga mats came only after the commercialization of Yoga. Real pioneers of this art/science did not use any plastic/ artificial materials.

yoga on grass

So if you are ready to get your hands dirty, practising yoga on top of grass, earth or a rough floor is a good option.

But this will definitely will not work on top smooth floor types like tiles, marbles, or granite floor.

Pros — You need to buy nothing.

Cons — Not practical in yoga class, not possible if your house floor is build with slippery material.

Yoga mats made with Natural materials.

Natural yoga mats are the best for preventing sweat-filled yoga sessions.

natural material yoga mat

The most common natural materials used for making yoga mat are — jute, bamboo, cotton & natural rubber.

Yoga mats made with such natural materials can absorb sweat, can clean, wash, provide excellent grip & does not contribute to wastage.

Pros — the best option for both mild and profuse sweaters.

Cons — costly.

Cork bat mat.

These are mats made of cork material. Good grip and absorbs sweat to some extent.

cork material yoga mat

Pros — thin and high grip.

Cons — not for you if you sweat too much.

Non-slip bag.

These are small bags filled with powder material that will absorb sweat. You can put these small bags between mat and palms and thus avoid slipping.

chalk bag small

Buy link - not available in India.

Pros — good for mild sweat.

Cons — You have to buy yet another product.

Microfiber mat.

Mats made with microfiber material are better when compared with those made with foam(Eva). These are thin and will not slip on a small amount of moisture.

micro fiber yoga mat

Pros — are thin, easy to carry, will absorb sweat.

Cons — usually on costly side, Not as effective as cloth material.

Put a microfiber towel (same length and width as a mat) over a regular mat.

Why go for complex solutions/or spend too much when there is easy solution?

If you already have a regular yoga mat, this is the way to go.

towel regular 6 feet by 2 feet

You can buy a cotton or microfiber towel with the same width and length as your yoga mat. Use it on top of yoga mat while practising yoga.

Pros — best of too much sweat, you can clean, wash and dry.

Cons — not that easy to carry with mat.

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Written on September 23, 2021
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