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Yonex GR 303 Review and OFFER

Yonex GR 303 The best racket for beginners?

Yonex Gr 303 is one of the best-selling budget Yonex rackets in India. This racquet is considered/suggested as the best option for an Intermediate or Beginner in Badminton Player.

But is it still the best option in 2018?. We will also have a look at other alternatives of this badminton racket.

And answer to frequently asked questions about Yonex GR 303.

Badminton racket Features

Low Torsion STEEL Shaft
Frame material: Aluminium
Lightweight and durable
Damage resistant
Head cover for protection
Weight: 90g

What is material is Yonex Gr 303 made with ?

STEEL Shaft / Grip

Yonex Gr 303 grip image with MRP and all

Aluminium Frame

Yonex Gr 303 frame with cover

Is Yonex GR 303 Made in Japan ?

This racket is Designed & developed in Japan, Manufactured in Factories in China, and imported by official distributor of Yonex in India.

To identify whether your racquet is original or not read easy way to identify fake rackets.

Weight, grip size and other details

Average weight is 90g, Grip size of best-selling one is G3.

Does Yonex Gr 303 come with a cover ?

This racket does Not come with a full cover, but you get a head cover with zipper.

Which are the color options available for this racquet?

There are many colour options available. Color of the grip will be black, and there is also a nice secondary color used over main colour, for writing, Logo etc. Colour options are blue, yellow, red, grey and black.

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Other Best alternative to Yonex Gr 303

Many people are going fro this Racket because of brand Name “Yonex”. But is this really the best racket in this price range? Let’s see few good rackets from other brands also.

Is yonex gr 303 good?

It is a good racket to begin with badminton career, or for a good game play. You can also consider rackets from other brands like Li-Ning, Cosco etc also.

But other than Li-Ning Smash XP 809, there are not many options in this price range. Li-Ning Smash XP 809 is available as a little more expensive(Rs 200 extra) option. Features, make material, price are all same.

Make material of Li-Ning Smash XP 809 is carbon fiber. Because of the use of Carbon fiber, frame weight is less compared to other ones.

Written on June 13, 2021
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