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How to add your business to google map.

This is how you can add your business to google maps and get free promotion.

How to add your insurance business to google maps

Adding your Business to google map is one simple but effective online promotion you can do. It is free, and you can do it in 5 mins.

You can add phone number, web address, hours of operation and all other details of the business.

They even have an option for creating a free website(after verification of ownership)

How to add your business location in google.

Go to Google Maps

Search for your locality.

Find the spot in map where your business is located.

Right click on mouse and choose add choose add missing place.

Drag the red positioning marker to exact location of your local business and then add business name, category and timing. ( You can also choose“claim this business” option. If chosen, google will send a code to your chosen address and then you need to verify it later, Or you can do it by clicking on “claim this business” later on search results and make it your own.)

Click submit.

It will be reviewed by google team and then published.


Adding business location to google map can be also done via google map mobile application or google my business application.

They sometimes use different methods to verify it is a legit business. For example instead of sending a code to your address, they might collect user generated information related to the location for verifying it.

If someone adding a location is a trusted google local guide, it might get verified even faster.

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Written on March 17, 2023
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