VEIKK S460 Drawing tablet Review

If you are in the market for a 6 inch drawing tablet, VEIKK s460 is an option to consider. Following is my personal experience and review of using this product. Hope this helps in making your decision.
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7 reasons to buy a Nokia phone in 2020

Nokia have a range of phones starting from most affordable budget phones to mid range phones and premium phones. But in each category, there is a better phone from other brand in terms of specs. Even samsung is now offering really compelling models with rich features to challenge the fierce competition from chinese brands like oppo, vivo, realme, xiaomi, poco etc

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Rise and fall of – is it the next Yahoo Answers?

Audience geography of quora indicates that more than 50% of quora users are from America, India & UK. While user base or quara is actively growing and the company is valued at around 2 billion Dollars, it is time to look at some of the bad choices this Question answer platform made recently.

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Best baby feeding bottles online

Baby bottles, bottle cleaning brush, extra feeding nipples, soothers etc are all need to be always clean, sterile and of best quality. These are things that babies use on daily basis plus in close contact. So when buying feeding bottles or other items for babies, it need to be from best brand and quality.

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Best air purifiers for cigarette smoke

You are at the right place if you are looking for an air purifier that will get rid of cigarette smoke for you. In this article you can see 5 best air purifiers to remove cigarette smoke. And, all you need to know about Air Purifiers for removing cigarette smoke. Some of following listed are the best air purifiers available in India & USA.

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Top 5 microphones for youtubers in India

Following is the list of top 5 best microphones in India. Youtubers and other video based professionals know how much is audio quality contributing to overall quality of a video.

Following microphones are selected from a price range of 1000 to 20000. Some of them are USB powered and can be used with a computer for voice over. Some microphones can be used along with DSLR cameras, some are battery powered etc.

Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone


Price range – 5000 rupees range.

  • Portable USB condenser microphone
  • Plug and Play Mac and PC compatible, no drivers required
  • Custom compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
  • Perfect for recording music, podcasting and field recording
  • Ideal for voice recognition software, iChat, VoIP and web casting

Blue Microphones YETI USB Microphone

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5 best binocular in India under 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000 rupees

For any keen observer be it a birdwatcher, a curious kid or a professional, binocular is a fascinating equipment. Binoculars are commonly used for bird watching, site seeing, wildlife viewing etc. They can even be used for starting a fire, as a smartphone lens zoom tool or as a signal mirror. Advanced binoculars have features like night seeing, stabilisation and thermal Imaging.

While making a purchase decision it is good to know some technical stuff related to binoculars like magnification and objective, eye Relief, glass, prisms, and coatings, angle of view and field of view, housing Styles, water proof binoculars, fog proof binoculars, materials used in making, adaptors that can be used along with binocular etc.

Following is the list of top 5 best selling binocular in India in 2017. Price range of this following binoculars is from INR 500 to 10,000.

Tiny Deal Compact 10X25 Mini Binoculars


Price range – around 500 Rupees

  • 10 x 25mm binocular,131m/1000m
  • Fully Coated Optics for increased brightness Durable rubber armoring
  • Ideal for bird watching, walking, climbing,boating/Yaching, travel, as well as other outdoor recreations Product Size: About 10.9 x 6.6 x 2.9 cm
  • Package includes: 1 x Binoculars 1 x Carrying pouch 1 x Cleaning cloth 1 x Strap

Celestron 71232 G2 10×25 Upclose Roof Binocular


Price range – 2000

10x magnification, multi-coated optics increase light transmission resulting in brighter and sharper images with high contrast levels.Ergonomic thumb indents and finger ridges for extra non-slip comfort and ease of use. 4.57m close focusing distance. Stylish rubber covered aluminium body protects from rough handling. 25mm aperture and 113 g weight. Water resistant

Olympus 8×40 DPSI Binocular


Price range – around 4000

8x magnification.Uv protection to protect eyes against the sun’s harmful rays. 4m close focusing distance. New rugged, high-quality finish with sure-grip rubber coating. 40mm objective lens diameter and 710g weight. 143m field of view at 1000m

Olympus 118760 10×50 DPSI Wide-Angle Binocular

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Top 5 best books about Ashoka the Great

India has witnessed some of the greatest emperors who showed great courage and administrative skills. Ashoka was one of them. There are many books about him describing his life and struggle. He was instrumental in strengthening the Mauryan civilisation in India. He ruled the entire Indian subcontinent from the period c.268 to 232 BCE. Some of the best books about Great king Ashoka are following.

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7 Minimal & professional watches for Men in India

It is no doubt that, wearing a good watch in official meetings will make you look more Sharp & Presentable. If you are Looking for a Minimal & Professional looking watch, following is the list of 7  best formal watches. Chosen from top brands and different price ranges, we hope it will make your choice easy.

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Choosing Best Air conditioners in India 2018

Air conditioners or A/Cs today play an important role in keeping indoor spaces cool. With the advancement of technology A/Cs can now adapt to climatic conditions, control humidity and eliminate dust, soot, foreign bodies and harmful micro-organisms in the air.

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Best refrigerators available in India 2018

Refrigerators have kept perishables cool for over 100 years. What started off as a simple ‘ice-box.has now evolved to a smart, efficient and feature-rich product that is available in various sizes and models.

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Best gifts for newborn baby in India

Following is “the ultimate newborn welcome checklist-List of all baby products“, everything you need to welcome & take care of baby in the best way!. Join our e-mail list to get latest offer updates from 5 different online stores in India as they become live.

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Best microwave ovens in India

Following is the ultimate list of the best microwave ovens in Indian market in 2017 (will be updated frequently), along with detailed review of each. Following list is arranged based on price range.

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