7 reasons to buy a Nokia phone in 2020

7 reasons to buy nokia android phone

Nokia have a range of phones starting from most affordable budget phones to mid range phones and premium phones. But in each category, there is a better phone from other brand in terms of specs. Even samsung is now offering really compelling models with rich features to challenge the fierce competition from chinese brands like […]

How much is the total cost for aluminium roofing?

Aluminium roofing in kerala

Aluminium roofing in Kerala – a case study We did roofing(GI & aluminium) for our home recently. It was done to protect already existing concrete roof from harsh weather and also avoid leaking. My location is in kerala and a good percentage of houses here have aluminium roofing. Reason of extra protection for concrete roof […]

luminous 6 Amp Charge Controller Detailed Review

I bought this luminous 6 Amp charge controller solar charge controller from loomsolar.com along with a 10W solar panel. Total price of solar panel and charge controller is 1250. Standalone price of charge controller is around 600 rupees & its MRP is 795. This is a PWM based Charge controller. This one works only with […]

How to convert existing inverter to solar inverter

Convert normal inverter to solar inverter

If you already have a battery backup along with inverter(UPS system) in your home & want to install solar panels and want to.. Charge battery from grid if solar energy is not being produced. And, charge battery from solar if solar energy is being produced. And, run on direct solar energy if battery is fully […]

10W Solar Panel – FAQ Answered.

In this post i decided to answer all the frequently asked questions about 10w solar panel in india. These questions are top search queries in google.in. Under perfect conditions a 10W Solar panel can produce 10W power in 1 hour sunlight. What can a 10w solar panel charge / What will a 10w solar panel […]

How to know whether a product is original – online buying in India

Surprising amount of products both online and offline are not original. I knew some products were fake, but it was a shock when i realised more than 50% of products in low & medium price segment are fake. I realised this when i started sourcing products for reselling. Some products are sold as Generic Products. […]