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Pocket knife from flipkart review

Name of the product that i bought is ShopoSite SS-KNIFE2002. But these are generic products sold with different names like(HE Retail 6inch Sharp Camper Pocket Knife,Highlight Black Sharp Foldable Pocket Pocket Knife,Mannat Sharp Foldable Pocket Pocket Knife). Most of them have same design and build quality. In Fact all of them are kind of same products.

Here is the link to where i bought it from - link. Cost will be around 150 to 180 rupees.

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Unboxing and review of generic pocket knife from flipkart.


I bought this product from a seller Gifts planet.
First impression- Feels well made - sharp enough for a pocket knife.

Opens fully with a click and stays there.

Weight around 100 gram - perfect weight & size ratio i think.

Knife type - Kuai Yi Lang
Country of origin - Yep you guessed it made in China.

Many people complain about this being too tight but if it is loose; will be worse because of accidental closing.

There is a round cut out for using with keychain.

Final thoughts - Good pocket knife, but design is too generic & common.

My rating - 4 out or 5 (stas like animation)

Written on October 21, 2020
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