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VEIKK S460 Drawing tablet Review

If you are in the market for a 6 inch drawing tablet, VEIKK s460 is an option to consider. Following is my personal experience and review of using this product. Hope this helps in making your decision.

VEIKK S460 Drawing tablet Review

I bought this VEIKK S460 Drawing tablet few months before(almost one year actually).

This one was of the best option for me as a beginner at the time. Following is the review of this product and i hope it will be useful for those who are planning to buy a beginner level drawing tablet.

This tablet have a 6 inch by 4 inch drawing area. It was one of the cheapest 6 by 4 inch drawing tablet option available at the time of purchase.

This is the drawing pen we get along with the tablet. You will get few extra replacement nibs also. There is 2 buttons on this pen this can be customised for different purposes. For example we can map it to Redo, Undo etc.

Before we connect this tablet to laptop/pc we have to install Veikk software driver. Download link of the same will be given along with the product. Or you can download directly from internet.

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Drawing area of VEIKK S460 graphic tablet

This tablet will work best along with screen size of 19 inch or below. If the screen size is much bigger, you have to buy a bigger tablet for more comfortable experience.

If you are a beginner and concerned about the small size of drawing area, don’t worry. Even though the drawing area of the tablet is small, when we draw something looking at the screen, we will not feel like it. In reality, a bigger tablet will be more difficult to use because of the extra movement of hands needed for drawing. So it is better to buy one with the size proportional to size of the screen itself.

As a general rule of thumb, tablet drawing area should be just below half of screen size of screen.

We can select drawing area on the laptop/desktop screen. That means even if the computer screen is very big, we can select one potion of it & map with drawing area of the tablet. we can do that using the Veikk software that we install on computer.

This drawing pen have pressure sensitivity. If we draw with more pressure, line will be thicker. As a mentioned earlier, we also get few extra pins and a tool for replacing pins.

Tablet pen cover is not the most premium material, it it is nice. It is made with very nice material and pen can be kept safe inside the cover.

So in summary it is a good choice for those who are starting to learn animation, digital art etc. You can also use this as online tutorials pen for writing on screen.

Rating for Tablet, pen & software.

Reasons to buy VEIKK S460

  • Thin : it is only 2 mm. This makes carrying around easy.
  • Supports android phone : it claims to work with android devices.
  • Affordable compared to many other models : so good for beginners.
  • Battery free pen & lightweight pen.

Reasons to not buy VEIKK S460

  • Software not that great : some features don’t work.
  • It is a chinese product- low brand value : not many service centers & after sales service.
  • They change price regularly : low price available in chinese websites but not in amazon.
  • Some competition is there : similar products from other brands also available.

Tablet I would give 4/5 for tablet. It is one of the affordable option with good quality. But they are increasing the price regularly so you should definitely check other available options also.

Pen : There is not too much bad to say about the pen itself. It is lightweight & no battery is needed. Only negative point is that it is not very thin. Infact, it is very big compared to premium drawing pens.

Software : Software is the disappointing part of the experience. It seems like it is ported/copied from some other software. Sometimes the pen pressure sensitivity will not work. Some extra options for other models are present in the software which will not work for this model. Some People on internet are facing issues that only goes away after reinstalling of software.

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Written on September 15, 2020
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