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Nivia high grip volleyball review & few surprises.

I cut open Hi-Grip size 4 so you can decide for yourself. You Also get a comparison with Nivia Kross World Volleyball.

Nivia high grip volleyball review & few surprises.

Nivia high grip volleyball in one of the affordable volleyball from Nivia. As the name suggests it is made with high grip, compared to other volleyballs & is best for training.

Cut open Nivia Higrip quality check.

Following is the unboxing and first impression of Nivia high grip volleyball.

Panel - 18 panel. Size - 4 Best for - training. Bladder Type - Butyl Bladder.

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Nivia Kross World vs Nivia High grip volleyball Comparison.

Weight - high grip very slightly heavier.
Bounce - almost same but high grip little bit more bouncing.
Grip - high grip definitely have better grip, Kross world is having medium grip.
Size - Both same size 4.
Construction - both have same 18 panel design.
Bladder - Same butyl bladder.
Material - Both rubberised, stitched.
Hardness - Nivia hi grip be hard on hands, kross world is softer compared to hi grip.
Stitches quality - both have same average stitch quality.
Color fade - yes - Color of both balls will fade very fast
Price-NIvia hi grip is more costly with MRP 699, While kross world is priced at Rs 560 .
Recommended for - Both balls are recommended for training.
Best use my suggestion- Both will last indoor in wood and laminated courts even with rough use. Outdoor - Not for rough conditions.
Final thoughts - go for Hi-Grip if price difference is not much. But it is more hard. So if you prefer more soft then go for Kross World.

Buy with offers from online stores - links.

Nivia Kross World - Amazon

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Written on April 14, 2021
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