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Top 10 best walking shoes available online in India

Best walking shoes from top brands like Adidas, Asics, Asian, Puma, Nike, Sparx, Liberty, etc at an Aaffordable price. Get Discounts up to 30% from top online stores. Laceless, black, grey & more options.

Top 10 best walking shoes available online in India

Quick links - 5 best walking shoes for men, 5 best walking shoes for ladies.

All set to buy walking shoes? Before finalizing shoes looking at their price and the irresistible discount on it, please take a look at these walking shoe buyers’ guide to help you decide better.

We all know the benefits of walking: it wards off heart disease, lowers blood pressure, strengthens muscles and joints; lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. How amazing.

However, even after the awareness of its paybacks, we are not forthcoming about the activity. But if you secretly desire to fit into that old pair of jeans dumped in your closet, walking is the answer to it.

A Different Shoe For Walking And Running?

Yes. There is a huge difference in how walking and running affect our muscles/joints and how our body weight is distributed differently in the foot during these activities. Also, these shoes are designed differently tendering to their specific needs.

The impact of runners in the ground is three times more than that of walkers. Also, the part of the foot that strikes the ground first also matters.

Case in point, runners hit different parts of the foot requiring heavier shoes with heels. Whereas walkers should look for a lighter shoe, keeping flexibility in mind, that provides adequate cushioning and with the least difference in heel through the toe.

Attention should be given to the actual heel because, in certain shoe styles, the outer heel looks higher than it actually is inside. A flared heel works for runners but walkers should look for an undercut/straight heel.

Shoes Specifically For Walking?

Yes, you read it right! Here is the complete list of shoes that is meant for walking. If you intend to take up walking, invest in any one of them according to your built as well as the place you are wearing it at.

  1. Motion Control Shoes- Basically for overpronators and heavier people. Also suits people with flat feet.
  2. Lightweight Performance Shoes-Meant for people who don’t overpronate or who have neutral feet.
  3. CushionedShoes- They have the softest midsoles and are for non-over pronators. They are also flexible
  4. Stability Shoes – Are for mid-weight people
  5. Race Walking Shoes - They are very light and tend to accommodate race walking motion.
  6. Lightweight Hiking And Trail Shoes –Hiking and walking on rocky or natural trails? They are the best.
  7. Walking Sandals – They are good for fitness walking
  8. Comfort Shoes– Up on your feet the whole day? They are the best choice for you.

Are Men And Women’s Walking Shoes, The Same?

No, other than the color and the width there are certainly other differences. Comparatively, women weigh less than men of the same height and shoe size, therefore they have a softer midsole than men’s shoes.

As women pronate more and require extra support, the material used in their shoes is also different.

Top walking shoe brands in India

You can choose walking shoes from top brands like Adidas, Asics, Asian, Puma, Nike, Sparx, Liberty, etc.

Most of these brands have storefronts in all top online stores and offline showrooms across India.

Top 5 best walking shoes for women

Following are best-selling walking shoes for ladies. All of them are branded and are available with attractive discounts from online stores.

Different color options are available, the most common colors are black, grey, etc. For example, black walking shoes without lace is widely used by girls. These are also lightweight and comfortable.

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Sparx Women’s Nordic Walking Shoes

Brand - Sparx

ladies walking shoe in india sparx

Colour options - pink+black, Yellow+black, Blue+yellow

Make material - Synthetic

Asian(RL-23) Canvas Women Shoes (casual)

Brand - Asian

Brand - asian women canvas walking sheos

Color options - Navy Blue / Pink

Make material - Canvas

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Step Lite-Streak Walking Shoe

Brand - Skechers

Brand sketchers women walking shoes

Colour options - grey, black.

Make material - Rubber sole

Power SLIP NEW Walking Shoes

Brand - Power SLIP

Brand - POWER, ladies walking shoes

Colour options - Grey

Make material - Suede(outer material) and EVA.

Steemo Walking Shoes

Brand - Steemo

Brand Steemo, walking shoe foe ladies

Colour options - Multicolor

Make material - EVA, mesh

Check price / More details at - Amazon

Top 5 best walking shoes for men

Following is the list of best branded walking shoes for men available in India . These include walking shoes without lace, available in different colour options including most common ones being black & grey.

Skechers go walk 3 Walking Shoes

Brand - Skechers

Men walking shoes, Brand- Skechers

Colour options - black and blue

Make material - Mesh

Asian Walking Shoes for men

Brand - Asian

Brand-Asian, men's walking shoes

Colour options - Multi color

Make material - Mesh, synthetic

Check price / More details at - Amazon

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4

Brand - Skechers

Colour options - Black

Make material - mesh

Men’s Combo Pack of 5 Loafers & Moccasins

Brand - Tempo

Colour options - Multicolor

Make material - synthetic, Eva

Jogging, Walking & Running (Narrow Toe)

Brand - Unistar

Colour options - Grey

Make material - Nylon, mesh

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Top 10 best walking shoes available online in India