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Top 5 best PHP books available online in India

This is a list of the 5 best PHP books you can buy online in India as of this year. Books by Indian authors & foreign authors.

Top 5 best PHP books available online in India
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PHP is still one of the most popular programming languages in the world. PHP programming skills are highly sought in industries like web, eCommerce, blogging, and more.

Following are the top 5 best-selling PHP books available online in India.

PHP: The Complete Reference

PHP the complete reference

Author - Steven Holzner

A book for those who already know the basics of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc.

PHP: The Complete Reference shows you how to set up the PHP work environment, define operators and variables, manipulate strings and arrays, deploy HTML forms and buttons, and process user input.

You’ll learn how to access database information, track client-side preferences using cookies, execute FTP and email transactions, and publish your applications to the Web.

You’ll also get in-depth coverage of PHP’s next-generation Web 2.0 design features, including AJAX, XML, and RSS.

One drawback of this book is that, while it is a complete reference to PHP, it does not include any other web dev languages like HTML, CSS, or javascript.

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Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript with j Query, CSS & HTML5

Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript with j Query, CSS & HTML5.jpg

Author - Robin Nixon

While the above-mentioned book focuses solely on PHP, this book touches on all aspects of web app development. Starting from HTML & javascript to MySQL.

This book is more costly compared to other ones, but a good option for web developer beginners.

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PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide

/images/aug21/PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide.jpg

Author - Larry Ullman

This is a task-based PHP book with visual guides to make learning easy.

Good for people with basic understating of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc and want to focus on PHP.

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/images/aug21/PHP: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE.jpg

Author -Vikram Vaswani

This beginner’s guide teaches you how to write basic PHP programs and enhance them with more advanced features such as MySQL and SQLite database integration, XML input, and third-party extensions.

More beginner friendly PHP book. Unlike the above-mentioned books, this solely focuses on PHP for beginners.

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PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

/images/aug21/PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide.jpg

Author - Ullman

Another PHP book from Ullman. Unlike the first one, this book is more advanced and covers more advanced topics, and MySql

A book for intermediate-level web Developers to move forward to the next level.

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PHP Beginner’s Practical Guide

/images/aug21/PHP Beginner's Practical Guide.jpeg

Author - Guleria Pratiyush

Written by an Indian author, this book is for beginners. This book is more like a handbook on PHP. All the basics starting from variables to simple projects included in this book. You can use this as a daily reference book.

This book costs very low compared to other options but includes basics.

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PHP Mysql For Advanced Learning

/images/aug21/PHP Mysql For Advanced Learning.jpg

Author - Hirdesh Bhardwaj

Another book by an Indian Author. This book is also not too costly compared to books from outside of India. If you are a beginner and want to know the language from very scratch it is the best book. But keep it in mind that, this book will give you only basic to intermediae level knowledge

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Written on July 12, 2021
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