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Best wooden toys available online in India

Following are the best of the best Wooden Toys for kids. Toys from all different categories & top wooden toy brands in India are included in this list.

Wooden Toys last longer, are not toxic, and are not harmful to the environment. They are also very easy to clean, repair, and maintain.

Following wooden toys can be the best Gift for toddler, young children, and some are the best the whole family to play together.

Classic Wooden Toys from traditional toy makers.

Classic Wooden Toys from traditional toy makers in India

Traditional and classic wooden toys are native to many cultures and are used by many people. These are long-lasting and durable toys, that absorbed the cultural and social influence of each region.

One example is toys from Etikoppaka, a village in Andhra Pradesh, India. Kondapalli, thanjavoor, Natungram and other villages in India, are also famous for their wooden toys.

These toys look very different from the modern toys, and are not only just toys, but work of art.

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Wooden Jenga blocks.

Wooden jenga block

Social media made it popular again with exciting videos of people playing jenga.

Jenga blocks can be really fun when there is a gathering of people. They are a great way to create a fun and interactive environment.

Jenga blocks are great for entertaining not only kids, but also adults.

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Legos & Blocks.

Wooden toy logos & blocks

It is difficult to achieve the very complex logo designs that plastic toys can achieve using wood. But there are many different legos and blocks made of wood that can be an awesome long-lasting toy.

Wooden logos are a great way to improve the imagination and creativity of the child.

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Wooden pull toys - Wooden Auto toys -cars, trucks, bikes, scooters.

Wooden pull along toys for kids

These awesome pull toys are available in many colors and sizes. Themes include animals, birds, cars, trucks, turtles etc. and more. These are colorful and fun to play with.

Most suitable for kids age 2-6 years.

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Wooden train pull toy

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Wooden animals and birds.

This comes as a learning tool and also as puzzles for the children. Available in 3 categories: Learning boards, puzzles and pull toys.

Puzzles - wooden puzzles and games.

Puzzles wooden puzzles and games

Puzzles starting from just arranging the pieces of the puzzle, to the complex puzzles that require the child to solve the puzzle, there is a huge variety of wooden puzzles.

Some examples include, wooden shape puzzles, jigsaw puzzles etc.

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Alphabets, numbers and learning boards.

Alphabets numbers and learning boards

There is no limit to the learning toys available in wooden. Most common are the alphabets, numbers, and learning boards. Some are designed as puzzles, while others as stackers.

Toys for improving creativity, imagination, problem-solving, thinking, hand eye coordination, and more are available in this category.

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Written on March 29, 2022
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