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Best refrigerators available in India 2023

Refrigerators have kept perishables cool for over 100 years. What started off as a simple ‘ice-box.has now evolved to a smart, efficient and feature-rich product that is available in various sizes and models.

Best refrigerators available in India 2018

Refrigerators have kept perishables cool for over 100 years. What started off as a simple ‘ice-box.has now evolved to a smart, efficient and feature-rich product that is available in various sizes and models.

Refrigerators buyers guide

Keep the following questions in mind while choosing a refrigerator; answering these questions will help you pick a model most suited for you.

  • How much space is available at home/office?
  • How often would you use the refrigerator?
  • How often would you use the freezer?
  • How many people would the refrigerator serve?
  • How much would you be willing to spend on a refrigerator?
  • What are the add-on features that you would to have in your refrigerator?

Things to consider while buying Fridge.

While exploring refrigerator some of the common terms you need to know are:


The amount of space (volume) available inside the refrigerator.


Usually adjustable in height, these wire or glass shelves help you store products.


The portion of the refrigerator that stores items at a temperature below zero.

Energy Rating

Rated between 1 and 5 Stars, it displays the efficiency of the product. More the number of stars, greater the efficiency.


Most refrigerators operate between 5 Celsius. Freezers are usually kept at  -18 Celsius.


Refrigerator doors can vary in number doors provide separate access to compartments, trays and other storage.

Refrigerator Size & Volume

While storage space inside a refrigerator is the key differentiator when selecting a particular model, also consider the physical space it would occupy.

Make sure you have enough space near a plug-point to ensure the refrigerator does not protrude into any pathways. To be sure pick a size which is a couple of inches smaller than the available space.

To ensure safety make sure the refrigerator is placed away from microwaves, gas stoves, gas cylinders and other electric equipment.

Refrigerator Models

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Small (50 : 200 Litres)

Single Door Compact (80 —100 Litres)
Single Door (150 — 220 Litres)

Medium (250 : 350 Litres)

Double Door : top freezer (220 — 250 Litres)
Double Door : bottom freezer (220 — 250 Litres)

Large (350 : 660 Litres)

Double Door : side by side (220 — 250 Litres)
French Door (220 — 250 Litres)

Extra Large (660 : 800 Litres)

Multi-Door (600 — 800 Litres)

Accessories that you need with a new Refrigerator

Accessories help you protect your refrigerator from external damage, and also enable it ease of use. Accessories mention. below are not included in the price of a refrigerator and must be bought separately.

Voltage Stabiliser

Refrigerators require an uninterrupted source of electricity and are plugged into a socket all the time. The fluctuations in the voltage can damage the electrical parts of a refrigerator.

A stabilizer ensures that a constant voltage reaches your refrigerator protecting it from damage.

Refrigerator stand

Often with low or no ground clearance, a refrigerator accumulates dust and dirt under it. A slightly elevated stand allows easy cleaning and easy movement of refrigerator.

Air-tight Refrigerator Boxes
These air-tight boxes allow you to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and prevent them from frost-bites. The boxes also trap odour from food items kept inside, not allowing it to spread onto other items.

The rectangular shape and geometric fit optimises the use of space within the refrigerator providing maximum storage capacity.

Ice Trays
Refrigerators with freezers include a minimum of 2 ice trays. In some models the ice trays and dispensers are built into the freezer.Users with larger requirements of ice, can purchase additional ice trays.. trays come in various sizes and shapes giving you a range to choose from depending on form or function.

Air-tight Storage Bottles
Most refrigerators have in-built bottle holders or a section for storing bottles : usually the inside of the door.
Bottles can be used to store water or other liquids in an air-tight manner, preventing the absorption of other odours.

More technical details to consider while buying Refrigerator

BEE : Label explained

Energy Ratings

Bureau of Energy Efficiency introduced the ‘Standards and Labelling Program’ in May 2006. Under this pEnergy star label in fridgesrogram manufacturers are required to indicate on a label the electricity consumption of the appliance under certain conditions. Appliances are ranked with stars, more the number of stars greater the efficiency of the appliance.

Energy Star Rating
The more stars, the more efficient your refrigerator is.

Annual Electricity Consumption
Under standard conditions. this is the amount of electricity your refrigerator would consume, if left running for a year. Electricity costs varies across the country. Multiply the Units by the electricity cost per unit to arrive at your annual expenditure.

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