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How to get all udemy courses for free – Legally!

Udemy is an amazing resource to learn new skills. You can learn from industry experts & amazing teachers from all over the world.

Many free courses are available in udemy. You can also get some free courses directly from creators by joining facebook groups where they give away some paid courses for some exposure.

But if you can access all courses, it would be amazing, right?

There is one way you can get access to all udemy courses without hacking into their system : ) , or downloading from torrents(both are illegal).

There is a way to get all Udemy courses for 6 months / 1 Year.

Udemy for government is a program by Udemy for coordinating with different govt agencies{.aioseop-link} to provide training to officials. It is similar to udemy for Business.

You can join udemy for Govt program in India by joining in CSC Academy.

CSC Academy was setup in 2017 that provides access to professional learning for learners of diverse backgrounds and educational needs.

To get access to 6 months / 1 year full access, you can contact nearest DigitalSeva/CSC/Janaseva centre in your area.

Cost of this 6 months total free access to all Courses is around 1000 rupees & for 1 year, it is around 2000 rupees.

Written on May 12, 2020
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