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What is a good-luck curse?

How to handle good luck and escape from the Good-luck curse. This is the right way to handle Success.

What is a good-luck curse?

And how to handle good luck?

A “good luck curse” is when something good happens to you, but eventually, you realize it is a curse as well. 

Or, luck becomes a misery in the future.

Otherwise, it causes a lot of pain after temporary happiness.

Or it brings some amount of pain along with happiness.

Or your success changes “everyone around you & you” so you lose the essence of your life.

Why does this happen?

Changing situations, changing surroundings, people around you, other goals etc. all can turn good luck into bad luck.

This can also happen because of the way you handle good luck.

How to handle good luck.

What I mean by good luck is a lot of money, success, fame, good health, a great opportunity, a loophole in business/finance that no one else knows, a trick you found a great relationship or something else that makes you happy.

As a Stoic would say, we cannot worry about what is not in our control. So how can we handle good luck properly?

I just made a Google search on “how to handle good luck” and the results are all about “how to attract good luck”.

Not surprising, because we are all chasing good luck, and not worried much about what happens after that.

Don’t throw good luck away.

Imposter syndrome is real. 

People feel they don’t deserve it when something good happens to them.

This mindset can ruin everything and will turn good luck into bad luck. If you feel you don’t deserve something, getting irritated is the worst thing you can do.

Instead, start giving back to the community. If luck doesn’t bring any immediate monetary benefits, make commitments for the future.

This will help you attract more good luck.

Don’t become a snake guarding the treasure.

Double down and a bit of diversifying and saving: If something is working, and luck is by your side, you should double down.

Keep going with what is working, because it is not going to work for long if you don’t pay attention.

Make sure to diversify and save a little too if it is related to money.

Stay low-key.

People tend to show off when luck strikes for the first time.

But good fortune will attract a lot of vultures. So staying low-key is very important.

Learn from others.

The best way to handle fame is to learn from other famous people.

The best way to handle wealth or money is by learning from the rich.

This will be really helpful if you are learning from those who had very similar experiences.

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Written on November 12, 2022
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