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Why people fail OET EXAM after doing well in exam?

Sometimes errors(from your side or evaluator side) happens. Sometimes remarking will help. Sometimes you have to change your strategy.

You performed well in OET exam. You were confident about good results but it is surprisingly low? Here are the reasons & how to win next time.

Why people fail OET EXAM after doing well in exam?

If you are confused about whether to apply for remarking or not read this - OET Remarking; Should you apply or should you not?

Suppose you are going to get driving licence.

Even if you are an expert driver who can do tricks & stunts, you will not pass the test if you did not follow the instructions.

They are not looking for your stunt skill, the test is designed to measure something entirely different.

Similarly, OET exam is designed to test your skills in a particular way.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a native speaker or you can write with no mistakes.

You have to follow the criteria suggested in official OET materials.

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So download OET criteria for speaking ,listening , reading and writing from the OET official website.

And practice based on that.

oet speaking tips - talk like a nurse

First download speaking criteria and study according to the speaking criteria.

Use polite language.

Example while speaking say if you don’t mind can you tell me about your personal details, if you don’t mind may examine you, could you tell me about your habits.

Before asking personal questions say, I am afraid I want to ask you some personal questions,or say; I am afraid this smoking habit may lead to some breathing problems in the future.

Use time, or I am sorry before saying something that hurt the feelings of the patient. After the patient answer your questions always thankful for the information, say thank you for the information.

Before giving any information or suggestions, always ask their permission by if you don’t mind may give some suggestion. Try to summarize information after giving all information. In between ask for clarification, is that correct ? Do you have any other concerns? Is there anything I have to clarify you ? Main thing to remember is always use polite language and practice make perfect. Practice in front of mirror and record your speaking

Try to complete the task, it doesn’t mean that you should complete everything.

Sometimes that someone maybe reluctant or don’t want to speak the diagnosis maybe not known to us still don’t worry you can clarify everything with interlocutors. For example ask them can you tell me more about it? Could you tell me how you are experience in it? Continuously speaking make the exam better

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Written on April 19, 2023
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