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Best yoga mat for surya namaskar

Are you looking for a good yoga mat for Surya Namaskar? This post is specifically about that. For other options please read how to choose a yoga mat - easy steps.

Also have a look at the top 10 yoga mat brands in India for easy picking.

Do we need a yoga mat for Surya Namaskar.

Yoga mats happened only after the commercialization of yoga. Historically, yoga was practiced on a rough floor, grass or a bamboo mat.

Therefore, you don’t need a yoga mat to do Surya Namaskar, let alone any yoga posture. And that is the beauty of yoga. You need nothing to start doing yoga.

When yoga mat becomes essential.

But, if you have no special place to practice yoga without a mat, meaning all floors are sooth with flooring. Or you have to go to a yoga class, then there is no other option but get a yoga mat.

It will prevent slipping because of sweat, will provide grip and is essential if you are part of a yoga group for learning under a trainer.

One thing to make sure is to buy a mat, which is long. Surya Namaskar requires stretching your body in very long position, so you need to get long mat.

Best yoga mat for Surya Namaskar.

So which are the best yoga mat for Surya Namaskar. I would recommend one made with natural materials like jute, bamboo or natural rubber.

But some of these natural mats are very costly. So other options are one made with cork material or microfiber.

What should be avoided - avoid plastic/Eva foam material mats. You can easily identify these because these are thick foam mats. Cheap but not good for long term.

3 recommended yoga mats for Surya Namaskar.

Yoga land natural mats.

These mats are made with totally natural material. And that is why I like them. They use jute/cotton/bamboo material.

Natural yoga mat

Above product is from yoga land brand, and they have other similar high quality mats in their store.

Above one is made of thick cotton material. So it can be washed and cleaned. Best for home, class and outdoor use.

Cons - not the best grip indoor.

Cork yoga mat.

Mats made with cork material are thin, easy to roll, carry & is natural.

Cork yoga mat

This mat made with cork is another good option for yoga indoor. Works best on smooth tile, granite etc. i.e. indoor.

Cons - not for grass/very rough surface.

Microfiber yoga mat.

Microfiber mats are not made with natural materials. But these are better or skin, and you will not slip easily. Also, these are thin and easy to carry.

Microfiber yaga mat

This is a big mat and is good for a heavy person. Best for indoor use & occasional outdoor use.

Cons - not the best for outdoor use.

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Written on September 27, 2021
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