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Why most people fail practicing Yoga at home

Only 2 things you need before getting started, 5 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Make. Offers from top online stores on Yoga Books, mats, cloths, sandbags & more

Why most people fail practicing Yoga at home

People do Yoga with different goals in mind.

Some people are doing it just for fitness.

Others go beyond the basics and aim very high. They strive to achieve enhanced consciousness through meditation.

For them, Yoga is just a tool they use on their way to achieving Nirvana.

Practice yoga properly - staying close to nature.

In this post, we are not going to discuss the end goal. We are going to plan and choose everything you need to start practicing Yoga.

Choosing clothes, mats, and accessories made with naturally available material is the first step in the right direction.

Evolution of Yoga accessories.

A few years back, there were only limited options available. For example, most Yoga mats were made of PVC material with either purple or blue color.

Nowadays, with more and more people showing interest in Yoga, better products are available.

Everything you need, starting from yoga guide books to yoga mats, cloths, sandbags, and all are available online for the ultimate Yoga experience.

But still, most people are not aware of the different types of clothes available. Or how to do difficult asanas with the help of Yoga accessories.

This article is a guide on choosing Yoga accessories. This will be useful for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

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Yoga – Clothing

In terms of clothing, tank tops are suitable for Yoga.

There are a lot of arm movements involved in Yoga so tank tops or loose t-shirts can be regarded as the best choice for Yoga exercise.

Women can go for Yoga pants, sports bras, yoga tops, or shorts. Stretchy and light clothes are always a good choice. Cotton clothes can be a good option for men.

Aurio gym pants mens clothe for yoga black pants

women's cloth for yoga-yoga pants and tank tops

Mens tank top cloth for yoga

Yoga mats

Yoga mats are the second most important thing you need to start after choosing comfortable clothes.

You can start right away with a comfortable cloth and a good mat. Unlike regular plastic mats, these are sticky and do not slip while doing Asanas. The thickness of the yoga mat is 1/8th inches.

These mats are foldable. So they become easy to carry. People who travel regularly will find thin Yoga mats more comfortable as they weigh less and fits in very small cover.

Yoga mats are usually made with different types of PVC materials ie vinyl. People who like to go green can opt for an eco-friendly mat made with jute, cotton, etc.

There are NBR mats that are made of rubber and plastic. These mats are soft and durable. You need to choose a mat based on your height. In general, these mats are 68 inches but for taller people, there are mats between 72 to 74 inches. The mat should not be slippery. It costs Rs around 2000 or less based on your needs and specifications.

eco-friendly-yoga-mat yoga mat with strap and carry bag made with natural material

Yoga mat bags

Yoga mat bags are very useful to carry your yoga mat while traveling. For example, this is the best way to bring a yoga mat to a training center.

This kind of bag has a lot of demand in the US and other western countries. They are available online as well as in sports shops. You can get branded Yoga mat bags online.

Natural-material-yoga-carry-bag yoga mat bag made with natural material

Yoga Sandbags

Apart from mat bags, there are sandbags used for Yoga. Sandbags consist of sand inside the bag. Sandbags are used to add weight to your yoga poses while practicing Yoga.

If you are doing Yoga for some medical condition like healing a particular injury or back pain then these sandbags are of great help. The sandbags weigh just between 7 and 10 kgs. Similar to Yoga mats, Sandbags are also available online.

yoga-sand-bag yoga sand bad for resistance training made with natural cloth material

Yoga Silk eye bags & other accessories

There are specific accessories that need to be used while doing specific asanas. Like, silk eye bags used during Shavasana. These eye bags block the daylight and help in relaxing the body. Silk bags have herbal element in them to provide more comfort.

Yoga-eye-pillow filled with organic seeds

Yoga strap

Yoga-strap-for--support made with cotton material

Another such accessory is the Yoga strap. Yoga strap helps in doing some difficult asanas. Some asanas require a lot of stretching of the body. Yoga straps give the kind of flexibility required by the body while stretching.

It is a good accessory for people who are beginners in Yoga. Using straps will give you confidence in doing difficult steps.

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Written on March 16, 2021
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Why most people fail practicing Yoga at home