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Best chain lube for Royal Enfield bikes

Along with the "officially recommended Chain lube for Royal Enfield bikes", these are other 'best-Branded chain lubrication kits' to quickly pick from. Many of these are better than the official ones.

Best chain lube for Royal Enfield bikes

Which chain lube kit is the best for Royal Enfield bikes?

Best chain lube for RE let alone any bike is Gear oil. If you have it with you just use it.

Otherwise, keep reading for other options.

This is a list of the best chain lube for Royal Enfield bikes. Be it Himalayan, continental gt, classic 350, thunderbird, meteor, or bullet. Here you can find the best chain lubricating product your bike.

As a bike lover and DIY guy, I know the importance of regular maintenance.

If a vehicle is not serviced/maintained & checked properly, it will become a big problem in the future. It will ruin the amazing experience of bike riding.

I experienced it once and my friend is currently suffering. His scooter engine is ceased now because he forgot to tighten the cap after filling engine oil. Which is a silly mistake 🤦.

DRIVE CHAIN lubrication step by step - the process of cleaning and adding lubrication.

  • Clean the drive chain carefully.
  • Apply chain lubricant while simultaneously rotating the rear wheel.
  • Wipe off the excess lubricant.

Now coming to the point, which is the best chain lubrication for re bikes.

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Officially recommended chain lube for RE.

Officially recommended chain lubrication Royal Enfield chain lubrication brand. This is available in service centers but not usually available online.

Other branded chain lubes.

OKS German Chain Lube Spray 500 ml.

OKS German Chain Lube Spray 500 ml

This is a highly recommended product by me. Comes fortified with C.I.T.A package for superlative performance. The thixotropic formulation for better penetration and noiseless operation.

Check price and Amazon offers.

Motul C2 Chain Lube for All Bikes (150 ml).

Motul C2 Chain Lube for All Bikes (150 ml)

This is the most affordable option from Motul. Does not include a cleaner or brush but very good option.

Check price and Amazon offers.

RE Chain lube, cleaner and brush combos.

RE Chain lube, cleaner and brush combos.

Kangaroo Chain Lubricant Spray & Chain Cleaner Spray(500 ML Each) and Cleaning Brush is a combo option you can go for. This includes all 3 needed products. Cleaner, brush & lubrication.

Check price and Amazon offers.

Are other brands better or worse.

Most good options mentioned above are better than RE official brands.

Different types of chain lube.

Following is a very interesting video about chain lubrication and its effectiveness.

This video compared different types of oils as chain lubrication including engine oil, gear oil, and lubrication itself. Result is very interesting.

Is chain lubrication important?

If you watched the above video, it shows gear oil worked best. It even beat specific chain lubrication products. So what now. In my, opinion Chain lubrication is important because it also involves cleaning.

Also, different types of bike chain oil are suitable for different weather conditions. Hot, cold, and humid weather conditions demand chain lubrication.

Dirt and oil mix together and form a thick substance. It should be removed both from the chain and front area to keep it clean.

It is also time to check whether the chain is loose and make necessary adjustments.

Should you buy a lubricating brush?

It is highly recommended buying a lubricating brush(buying as the kit is the best option) because it can be used for cleaning & applying also.

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Written on September 4, 2021
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