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10 Things to Know before buying a badminton racket

Things to Know before buying a badminton racket. How to find the best racket for your playing style. List of top best-selling badminton rackets in India now.

10 Things to Know before buying a badminton racket

Choosing a badminton racket - buying guide for beginners and intermediate level players

For beginners and intermediate players here is the list of top ten best badminton rackets available in India - listed based on price.

Following are some important factors to consider while choosing/purchasing badminton racquets. If you like to contribute your knowledge to beginner/intermediate level badminton players, please do comment below.

If you want to be a professional player consult with an experienced badminton coach to select the best racket for your playing style and requirement.

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Size chart for Yonex racquets

Yonex badminton weight chart

Yonex badminton grip size chart India


Balance of badminton racquets.

  • Head heavy badminton rackets

Best for a powerful game from the back of the court. Equipped with extra mass in the head area it increases the power of smashes and clears.

  • Head light badminton rackets

Easier to swing and control racket as per player’s need. Makes it easy to react/defend quickly to a powerful shot from the opponent.

  • Balanced weight badminton racket

Attempts to provide advantages of both heady heavy and head light rackets. This type of badminton racket is good for all types of shots - if you don’t prefer any particular position.

Flexibility and stiffness

Stiffness and flexibility of badminton rackets - things to consider before buying professional badminton racket

  • Flexible
  • Medium flexible
  • Stiff - Bends and then comes back very fastly. Power & control - maximum.
  • Medium stiff/Extra stiff

Price range

Price of badminton rackets

Total weight of racket

The weight of the badminton racket is represented by the letter U. High value of “U” indicates less weight. Example 3U (85 to 89g) rackets weigh more than 4U(80 to 84g).

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Racket frame Shape

Badminton racket different head shapes - how to choose badminton racket india

The isometric shape has a big sweet spot (area on the string that produces the best result) area. The oval-shaped frame has a concentrated sweet spot. The more experienced player needs less sweet spot area. The isometric shape is recommended for beginners.


Top 4 badminton racket brands in india


Commonly used materials are. Frame material – Aluminium frame, tungsten carbon fiber Frame, shaft materials - Carbon Graphite, titanium mesh, Steel, etc.

Your playing style

Common playing styles are fast and aggressive style, deceptive stroke players, straightforward and defensive style, etc

String tension

When string tension is increased, the sweet spot reduces.

Grip of handle

Handle grip of racquet

Parts of Badminton racket - graphical representation

Anatomy of badminton raquet described

Top badminton racket brands in India - click on image to see more.


Yonex rackets - logo


Li-Ning shuttle bats - logo


silvers badminton rackets - logo


victor rackets - logo


cosco badminton rackets - logo


Apacs sports logo

Other less popular brands are StarX, TENNEX, Guru, STRAUSS, Gibbs etc. You may also like to read Comparison of Yonex muscle power 29 and Carbonex 8000 , two best selling

Graphite, steel, or aluminum badminton, which is best ?

Aluminum & steel rackets are still widely available in the Indian local and online market. But the use of light metals such as carbon, graphite, titanium, etc is now preferred by players.

These racquets will allow them to handle rackets easily with speed and control. These are a lot lighter and will allow you to generate more swing speed and probably greater distance. If a racket made with carbon material is available in your budget, surely go for it.

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Written on June 10, 2021
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