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What happened to Flipkart affiliate program.

Flipkart Affiliates program need closure!

Amazon have a world wide Affiliate program. And Flipkart also have an Affilate program. Or should i say ‘had’ an affiliate program. Because I am not sure!

It this program closed? Still open or available only for big publishers? No one knows.

The way Flipkart dealt with its affiliates is the most unprofessional way i ever seen.

May be it is because of thousands of people wanting to join. May be it is because of all the low quality content creators in the program. But what about those who are good value adding affiliates, creators & influencers.

Flipkart till now made no official announcement about closing or pausing temporarily or limiting its affiliate program.

And flipkart Affiliate API page is broken.

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I was a member of the affiliate program. Neither me or any of the thousands of members did not receive a clear answer. Just a simple request to pause the campaign.

For affiliates It is not just simple as clicking a button. You cannot just remove all the links that you shared in your website, YouTube channel or other places. So now they are reaping the benefit of these links without paying for it.

I understand that being affiliate feels like you are totally dependent on the company. It is one of the cons of being an affiliate. So affiliates experience or expect this kind of bad behavior from companies.

But one of the biggest tech company in India acting this way is just sad.

Written on January 10, 2021
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