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Vector x attacker football review

Vector x attacker is one of the best selling affordable(Sometimes available under 250) football in Indian market. This is also one of the best(when considering price) football for playing on hard surface.

Shape retention is really good because of the molded construction. But with low pricing comes some cons also. In this post, we are going to do a very in depth review of Vector X Attacker football.

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Vector X Attacker comes from Indian company “Soccer International Pvt Ltd”. Their footballs are available in all different categories like molded, hand stitched, machine stitched etc. They have almost 40 different footballs! to choose from(most of them are same with different color & design). They have many other sports goods like volleyball, basketball etc. and they also trade sports apparel.

Attacker football is cheapest football option from Vector brand. First lets do an unboxing of this product and then go through detailed review with Pros & Cons.

Vector X Attacker football - Product details.

Make materials

Outer panel - Hard Synthetic rubber.

Bladder - Butyl bladder with polycotton backing.

Design - 32 panels moulded football construction.

Max pressure - Inflate to 6-8 psi

Diameter: 21.9 cm



  • Official size.
  • Rough hard synthetic rubber material.
  • Very good for hard ground.
  • Can also be used in wet & soft grounds(All weather).
  • Light weight(for those who like light weight football)
  • Good sphericity(compared to many cheap machine stitched footballs.)
  • Molded construction.


  • Weight less than official weight.
  • Very hard surface limits bounce.
  • Air retention not that great.


Better than PVC footballs for recreational playing in hard / soft / wet ground. Very good option for using roughly for 3, 4 months regularly and throw away. Good for learning freestyle football(juggling) but not for advanced tricks.

Written on April 14, 2021
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